Adventure to end – Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Well it is not a surprise to me, but it is still sad that Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been canceled.

I wanted to express my thanks for the following:

*Thanks Disney and Lucasfilm for finally letting us know, committing to releasing, in some form, those episodes that have not aired yet, and for at least giving us hope for a new series to look forward to.

*Thanks to Dave Filoni, who always kept us Fans in mind during the whole process.

*Thanks to all the voice actors for all the work you have done on this series, which has given me a greater appreciation for all your varied talents and look forward to any future roles.

*Thanks to EVERYONE who worked on this series, especially those who work behind the scenes that us regular fans may not be aware of.

*Thanks to all the fan sites and podcasts that kept us informed and who provided commentaries for each of these episodes.

*Thanks to all the fans that I have met during the series entire run. I feel that I have actually met life long friends that will live on far into the future.

NOTE: I was able to meet Dave briefly at Star Wars Celebration VI, which gave me my only opportunity to express my thanks to him and the rest of the crew for such a wonderful series and I hope this was passed on. However, one blogger, Lilly, actually wrote a very good comprehensive letter to Dave and posted it on her blog. I encourage everyone to check it out!

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