Returning adventures: Re-watch of Clone Wars Episode Lawless

I was searching for something to watch this evening and I decided to re-watch the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 Episode: Lawless that I still had on my DVR.

Here are some of my thoughts on this episode after watching it again from a fan girl’s perspective:

1) I observed during the first chase scene with Satine how the Mando armor changed color from the Death Watch Blue to many different colors. Now we can see the origin of the famous Boba Fett armor color.


2) I loved the whole Obi-Wan landing with the Twilight. That was one of the funniest bits of the season. It also showed us that he would go to any lengths to help Satine even flying that bucket of bolts! Which was a new insight into his character.


3) The whole reunion scene between Satine and Obi-Wan was not what I hoped for. Obi-Wan even when risking his life for her was still trying to keep her at arm’s length when she hugged him. However, he may just might not be comfortable to displays of affection like that.


4) I had a very emotional response to the whole Darth Maul torturing Obi-Wan by hurting Satine. That pulled at my heart-strings and if that was Anakin, Maul WOULD have gotten the reaction he wanted. Obi-Wan did not want to give Maul the satisfaction and kept his emotions buried, but based on his eyes he was feeling many different emotions including pain, love, worry and of course shock. Very well acted by James Arnold Taylor and animated by the Clone Wars team. This is one of those moments that showed just how far they have come in five years!


5) Satine’s death scene was a very emotional scene. The only thing I would have added was a whispered response from Obi-Wan like “I know” to Satine’s ” I have always loved” you line. The romance reader in me really wanted this, but I am sure that did not give her a response because he was hiding his emotions from Maul. Obi-Wan did not want to reveal too much of his inner self because Maul was watching him for an emotional response. I imagined that Obi-Wan was letting Satine know through the Force in her mind or at least deep, deep down in his soul so Maul did not see it and exploit it!


6) OK loved the whole Sith battle, but I do have one question. How did Sidious keep his hood up during that battle? He was moving around enough that it should have moved or fell off at some point, right?




7) I think that the ship that Obi-Wan departed Mandalore on was the same ship that Sidious came in, but not 100% sure. A question for Dave Filoni I guess…

Well I thought I would share my observations on this outstanding episode.

And as Obi-Wan would say..

“May the Force Be With You, Always”

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