Past Adventure: Recording Session at CVI

I love listening to audio books, especially from the romance, sci-fi and fantasy genres as I commute or while I am working. However, I had a very unique experience that I just had to share with you all. It is my one and only experience in narrating an excerpt of an audio book in a real recording “booth”!

When I was at Star Wars Celebration VI I stopped by the Random House Audio’s booth, which had a travelling recording studio set up. I was able to sign up to record a scene from Star Wars: HEIR TO THE EMPIRE by Timothy Zahn. I was able to choose the scene from among a few choices and of course I chose the one with Han and Leia in it. I just love the chemistry between these two, so it was a natural fit. So, I picked that scene and entered the recording booth when they were ready for me. Below are some pictures of me in the “booth” during this adventure:

DSC00628 DSC00633 DSC00637 DSC00639

I really enjoyed this recording session! The best part of the experience is when the audio supervisor complimented me on how I came across during the session. His comment to me was:

“The editing of this will be easy because you did not add too many pauses or add additional “um” noises!”

I thought that was a high compliment indeed for someone who just stepped into the booth and narrated for the first time and was not a trained actor my any stretch of the imagination.

Well Random House edited the clip, and sent it to me as an mp3 via email about a month later. They said in this email that I could share online with friends and family for free. So, here is the link to download the MP3 file with this excerpt:

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire Clip

If you are an audiobook fan or would like to learn more, then you can find out more on several sites including:

Of course, let us not forget which allowed me this great experience to add to my Fan girl adventures!

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One response to “Past Adventure: Recording Session at CVI”

  1. rinellegrey says :

    What a cool experience!

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