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A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: AMVs

A popular expression of anime fandom is the creation and/or watching of AMVs. What are AMVs? AMVs are “Anime Music Videos”, which are created by combining popular music or other melodies with clips or screenshots of anime to tell a story. The story can range from emotional clips with tributes to the characters or can just be something silly that was created for just a laugh.

A broader definition of an AMV from Lexis Manga Lexicon is:

…a fan tribute to a certain anime or manga. It consists of images from an anime or manga set to a specific song or medley. There are two types of AMVs: slideshows or clips. A slideshow AMV uses just pictures or stillframes, whereas a clip AMV uses actual footage from the anime. A well-made AMV will sync the images to the song for maximum effect, either matching the lyrics or enhancing the mood.

Sometimes, the creation of an AMV can be a solo or team effort. Sometimes the team can be a small group of individuals or very large group. In the case of the large group, various solo or individual team efforts are combined into one giant AMV by a skilled editor or editors. It is the editor which takes the solo or individual team efforts and blends them together to tell the story or stories within the final AMV!

Over the past 10 years, I have seen some awesome AMVs created by very talented solo artists or groups. However, I have seen some really awful AMVs, as well, either because the artist or artists did not convey the story well to the viewer (me) or the quality of the film or music did not allow for the story to come across.

The reason for the variety of quality is not just related to the number of individuals working on the project, but can be the technology used to create these AMVs. Because of the variety of technology available, artists, whether by themselves as solo artists or as a group, can easily take any anime footage, screenshots or music from any source, no matter the quality and create an AMV.

The best of these AMVs are usually created by a dedicated artist or a team of artists, who will take months to put together just one AMV. The more time the artist or artists dedicate to putting an AMV together, the better the overall quality of the effort. Therefore, AMVs that DO have the best combination of timing, visuals and music are usually found by attending conventions that host AMV award programs, like Anime Expo, or by viewing sites that give great reviewer feedback, like YouTube or Anime Music Videos.

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3 responses to “#AtoZChallenge AMVs”

  1. TaMara says :

    I’ve never seen an AMV, but I could imagine that putting one together well would take quite a bit of time.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  2. Willa Blair says :

    How interesting! Writers hear all the time that it’s important to have professional artwork for our book covers. It makes a difference here, too.

  3. Zen A. says :

    I used to be a huge fan of AMVs a few years ago. I even made some of my own for Fruits Basket and Rurouni Kenshin. I am sometimes left in awe at the talent of whoever put together one of these videos, but other times I have to wonder what the person was thinking!

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