Past Adventure: Expect the unexpected

One my favorite fandoms is Star Wars. A few years ago I had an unexpected Star Wars adventure and made me realize that I have to expect the unexpected! So let me tell you about my unexpected Star Wars adventure…

Back in 2007, Star Wars celebrated their 30th Anniversary, with the help of the U.S. Postal Service, with special stamp campaign.


Now this story begins sometime in late 2006…

I was working for the ad agency that handled the Postal Service account. I was working on a different account, but the “Postal” Account team was on the same floor as I was. It started as a normal work day, like any other. It was early in the morning and no one else was around yet. I was prepping for a client meeting and proceeded to the conference room to set up. When I entered the conference room I was greeted with an unusual sight….In the corner of the conference room stood a mailbox decorated as R2-D2 and it was NOT there the day before! I have to say it was one unusual sight to behold so early in the morning and I wondered for a second if I was dreaming it!


NOTE: Image taken at CVI at the Rancho Obi-Wan exhibit

It was placed in this conference room in preparation for a client meeting about what the agency team came up with for the Star Wars 30th Anniversary stamp campaign and this was the kick off meeting! Therefore, it was the prototype mock-up of what they came up with to start the buzz around the campaign.

As a Star Wars fan, I was floored by this sight and truly humbled that I may have been the first person, who was not involved with the work on the campaign, to see the R2-D2 mailbox in all its glory! Unfortunately, I could NOT say anything about this for MONTHS because of the Non-Disclosure Agreement. However, if my mobile device at the time had a camera I WOULD have taken a picture of it despite the confidentiality agreement. Sadly it did not and I had to just remember it from my memory until it was finally revealed publicly!

So, please keep in mind that even doing your daily work or everyday tasks you too may have to expect the unexpected adventure to come your way!

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I am a self proclaimed fangirl who is disguised as a mild mannered data analyst for an advertising firm. You can find me on Twitter as @pattybones2

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