#AtoZChallenge: Ghost Town of Rhyolite


A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: Ghost Town of Rhyolite

Today, I am going to share my adventure into the Ghost Town of Rhyolite, which is located near Death Valley.


Rhyolite, Nevada was once a prosperous mining town that rose and died within a 20 year period. Some of the remains that can be seen during the auto/walking tour include:


John S Cook Bank Building
The three-story building located on Golden Street was erected in 1908. Fact: It’s one of the most photographed buildings in Nevada ghost towns.


Mercantile Building
Erected in 1906, this is one of the few remaining wood buildings left in the town of Rhyolite.


Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad Depot
Erected in 1909, this is one of the fully intact buildings left in Rhyolite.



Tom Kelly’s Bottle House
The famous bottle house was completed in 1906 on Amargosa Street by Tom Kelly, a local saloon keeper. The bottle house was made of empty beer and liquor bottles, which Mr. Kelly collected from the back yards of local saloons. The bottles were laid on their sides and embedded with adobe mud mortar. Paramount Pictures restored this building in 1925, for the filming of “Wanderer of the Wasteland.” Today, the bottle house sits behind a fence with a locked gate. However, a bottle “town”, located on the grounds, can be seen just behind the fence.

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2 responses to “#AtoZChallenge: Ghost Town of Rhyolite”

  1. rinellegrey says :

    How cool! I’ve seen lots of ‘ghost towns’ in movies, but never pictures of one in real life.

    Rinelle Grey

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