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A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: xxxHolic by CLAMP

What is xxxHolic?

×××Holic, pronounced as “holic,” is a manga series created, written and illustrated by a group of female manga artists known as CLAMP.


xxxHolic is about a young man, named Watanuki, who has the ability to see spirits. Unfortunately, these spirits are attracted to Watanuki and many of them are evil and looking do him and those around him harm. One day, as Watanuki is walking home from school, he find a mysterious house that was not there before. Inside this house, is a woman named Yuko, who claims that it was not a ‘coincidence’ that Watanuki came into her “shop”, but it was “hitsuzen“.


Yuko is a witch, who can grant wishes, and no one can see her “shop” unless they have a wish that they want granted. There is a price for each wish that is granted and it must be of equal value to the wish. Watanuki’s wish is to get rid of the spirits that are bothering him and his ability to see them. However, the price to grant this wish is very steep. Therefore, in exchange for this wish, Watanuki must work for Yuko in her shop after school each day. As part of his job, Watanuki runs errands, cooks and helps Yuko fulfill the wishes of others. As Watanuki works for and helps Yuko fulfill the wishes of others, he learns more about himself and those around him.

Main Characters



The witch who grants wishes.



The young man who can see spirits and works in Yuko’s shop helping to grant wishes.

This summary just scratches the surface of this manga series. If you want to learn more about xxxHolic, check out the Publishers Weekly 06/07/2004 Review on xxxHolic Manga Vol 1. This review does a splendid job of giving a glimpse into this world and what to expect! You can also check the other mediums that this story is available as well:

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