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A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: Yuko Ichihara

Who is Yuko Ichihara?


Yuko Ichihara is one of the main characters from the manga series xxxHolic. She is also a major supporting character for another manga series called Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. In both series, Yuko is basically a witch who grants wishes to others, for an appropriate price, using her mysterious gifts.

The following is an excerpt from the character profile for Yuko from the English translated edition of “The Official xxxHolic Guide” that expands on this:

The lady owner of a store that grants the wishes of its customers, for an appropriate price. The name, she admits is an alias. She is also known as the “Dimension Witch” or “Space Time Witch. Her strange gifts have earned her much recognition, both from people involved in the fortune-telling and other spiritual fields, and from inhuman beings.

Much of Yuko’s character and the stories of xxxHolic and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle unfold through the reveal her mysterious gifts and what happens after these gifts are used. Therefore, in order to avoid spoilers, I will concentrate this post on some of the merchandise that feature the character of Yuko. These merchandise examples might not show very much of Yuko’s character. However, these do show some of the outfits that Yuko wears and some of the motifs, such as Butterflies, that are associated with her throughout each of xxxHolic or Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle volumes.


xxxHolic Limited Edition Lithograph


xxxHolic Pin Set Yuki & Watanuki


Yuko & Mokano Cell Phone Charm


CLAMP No Kiseki Limited Edition Set includes a Yuko Chess Piece

Yuko Patch

Yuko Messenger Bag


Yuko Wall Clock


xxxHolic The Movie Tote Bag


Yuko & Watanuki Towel


Yuko Heart Shaped Key Chain

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