#AtoZChallenge Reflections

A to Z Blog Challenge Topic: Reflections

When I signed up for the A to Z Blog Challenge sign up list, at the end of March, there were over 1,100 blogs signed up for the challenge. I was not even sure if I would be able to meet this challenge, especially with so many other bloggers involved. However, as I mentioned in my first post about the Challenge, I decided to try and meet this challenge.  Even though there were few bumps, I was able to meet the challenge and succeed in completing it. Therefore, I can now say that I survived the 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge and proudly display the badge shown below!


As I think back to the beginning of this challenge, I thought that this would be good for me to complete for three important reasons.

    1) To gain new followers
    2) To force myself to be better disciplined with my blog posts
    3) To find new blogs and begin to follow them

In reference to the first, I did gain some new followers during this challenge. I went from less than 10 followers before the Challenge to over 20 followers by the end of the Challenge. This means that I doubled my following during the challenge. Therefore, I believe this part of the A to Z Blog Challenge was indeed successful.

In reference to the second, I was able to post a topic for every letter and on the he assigned day. However, I am not sure if my blog posts were better disciplined or not. For example, many of these posts were not written ahead of time or pre scheduled. This means that some of the days, even though I made a list of topics at the start of the challenge, I kept changing my mind and would still be writing the blog post just a few minutes before it needed to be posted at the end of the day. In addition, many of the posts were not proofread properly before posting and needed revisions after they went live. Therefore, I believe this was partially successful and I need to do a better job in the future.

In reference to the third, I tried to visit all the blog sites or posts that had topics of interest to me during this challenge. I visited quite a bit of sites and viewed many of the posts through the A to Z Challenge Daily. Therefore, I started following the following blog sites due to viewing their post topics during this challenge:

Speaking of Rinelle Grey, it was through her blog post about what she was doing in April that I was made aware of the A to Z Blog Challenge. Therefore, I would not have even know about this challenge if it was not for her. In addition, she nominated me for a Liebster blogging award through our Twitter conversations during the challenge. Working on that post was a lot of work, but well worth it. I was able to even include it as one of my Challenge posts as well!

On a related note, it was these conversations with Rinelle on Twitter throughout the A to Z Challenge that kept me motivated to continue even when I kept changing my mind on topics. I believe it was these conversations that ended up being the greatest benefit I received during this Challenge. I had not considered this as a benefit of the A to Z Challenge, when I first signed up. However, I am glad that it did become one! Therefore, I owe a lot to Rinelle for keeping me motivated and helping me stay focused during this challenge! So Rinelle, THANK YOU very much!

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who read my posts during this challenge. I hope you were entertained by the topics I chose and what I wrote about the topics. In addition, I also hope that I met with your expectations and would come visit my blog again soon. Therefore, I hope that you, like me, have found that the A to Z Blog Challenge gave you as many benefits.

This post along with other posts, like this, from those that participated in the challenge can be found on the 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge reflections “linky” list.

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About Patty Hammond

I am a self proclaimed fangirl who is disguised as a mild mannered data analyst for a consulting firm. You can find me on Twitter as @pattybones2 or @Everyday_Fangrl

2 responses to “#AtoZChallenge Reflections”

  1. Rinelle Grey says :

    Aww, thanks Pattybones. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, and getting to know you on twitter.

  2. Evalina says :

    Mission accomplished, congratulations!
    Evalina, This and that…

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