Recent & Upcoming Adventures: Castle TV Series

Topic: Recent & Upcoming Adventures: Castle TV Series


I recently started watching the TV series Castle on TNT. I was not familiar with the Castle TV Series until I was introduced to it through a TNT marathon, while in a hospital waiting room, and I was immediately hooked.

I missed watching these episodes when they first aired on ABC. In addition, I have never read the novels that inspired this series. I believe it is the characters, especially Richard Castle, who usually gives snarky and geeky comments during the episodes I saw, that helped me jump right this series. Also, it does not hurt that Richard Castle is played by Nathan Fillion, who starred in another famous fandom, Firefly. Therefore, I am looking forward to watching all of these syndicated episodes and hope to watch season 5 as soon as I catch up!

Update: I bought the DVD sets of the first and second seasons of Castle at BestBuy. I just started watching the first two episodes with my husband this evening. Therefore, I will be posting our observations of this series as we watch these episodes in order soon!


So are you watching Castle? Did you start from season 1 or, like me, you were not introduced to it until much later and then started watching them in order? If so, what drew you to the series?

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2 responses to “Recent & Upcoming Adventures: Castle TV Series”

  1. Rinelle Grey says :

    Mmm…. Nathan Fillion….

    Haven’t seen Castle, but I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it. Must check it out some time.

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