Main Character Impressions – Doctor Who Season 1 of 2005 series

Topic: Main Character Impressions – Doctor Who Season 1, 2005 series


Well I have almost finished watching all of the first season of the 2005 Doctor Who series. I am waiting to give a full review until I finish all of this series. However, I wanted to write about my impressions of the main characters from the episodes that I have seen so far.

The Doctor


As I watched the first episodes of the series, my impression of The Doctor, as played by actor Christopher Eccleston, is that he is used to being in charge and does not make mistakes. In addition, The Doctor does not seem to adjust well to unexpected circumstances and he gives the impression that he is not used to dealing with the consequences of his actions. However, The Doctor, as the series progressed, shows that he may not be able to solve every problem without help and that even an alien Time Lord can make mistakes. It is his flaws and insecurities, despite his self-assurance, that makes him such an interesting character.

Rose Tyler


In my opinion, Rose, played by Billie Piper, does not seem to be a good companion for The Doctor and I keep wondering why he wanted her along. At first, Rose seems to fall way too often into the damsel in distress mode. (I counted no less than 10 times she was nabbed, trapped or threatened.) In addition, she does not seem to be much good in a fight (I keep wondering when she is going to grab some sort of weapon to defend herself!). Finally, she often acts like a flighty bleached blond, even when does come up with a good idea.

However, Rose does have a few good qualities that may redeem her in the long-term. During the course of the series, Rose shows a lot of compassion for The Doctor and for others that she encounters along the journey. In addition, she has a cheerful disposition and it is this attitude that helps her encourage The Doctor to become more “human”. Finally, Rose shows that she has a flexible mind that can adjust to many weird and unusual circumstances, when others do not. Therefore, Rose may not seem to be the perfect companion at first, but maybe, in time she will grow and mature as she travels with The Doctor.


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