Video Games, Holodecks, and Playing the Hero

A great post about being a hero in a virtual world, that can help someone be a hero in the real world. The examples used to illustrate this are from a few great episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Overall, a great blog article that I had to re-blog!


link zeldaLately I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly why I game. Some people play for the challenge, but that’s not the draw for me. I think the reason I keep returning to games is that there are few things in life quite as satisfying as spending time in a fictional world where we are able to be heroes. That’s what children do when they play make-believe. And that’s what we adults do when we play video games… right?

This brings me to one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — and my favorite bit of Star Trek tech, the holodeck. The episode “Our Man Bashir” takes place almost entirely in a holo-program that Dr. Julian Bashir has been escaping to during all of his free time, apparently. The program casts him as a suave spy — an obvious James Bond type — taking down bad guys and getting the…

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