Designing Spaceships: Guest Post by Pippa Jay and a Giveaway

Love of spaceships by Pippa Jay..

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Contact:Infinite Futures is pleased to welcome author Pippa Jay.

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WP_000592Spaceships! I love ‘em! After discovering Star Wars at the age of eight I dreamt of building an X-Wing and zooming around the Universe. Or hitching a ride on Blake’s Liberator. Or even going all timey-wimey in the TARDIS, in the days before timey-wimey was an accepted phrase. Sadly the closest I ever got to any of those were the Kenner and Corgi figures, or an Airfix kit.

And it makes it stranger still that the characters in my two novels don’t even need spaceships. Instead, they can cross time and space with a wave of their hands (and a good old wormhole-generating burst of psi energy). But Gethyon shares my early obsession with spaceships, having models of hawk-shaped Metraxian fighters and deep space freighters that fly themselves around his bedroom ceiling. He imagines exploring the stars in…

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