Recent Adventure: My Interview with Author Cat Devon

Today, I am excited to introduce author Cat Devon, who is a former librarian and, like me, a confessed bookaholic. She has recently written a new series of paranormal romance novels set in Chicago, IL.

I have already read the first two novels in this series and, between the dialog and the variety of characters, these are a delight to read. Full disclosure: I have known Cat for many years and I am a member of her Street Crew. I thought a good forum to spread the word about her new series is through a series of unusual interview questions for a blog post. I hope that you enjoy these unusual questions and Cat’s responses.

Welcome Cat to The Adventures of the Everyday Fangirl!

What do the titles of these novels signify?

My editor, Jennifer Enderlin, is one of the top editors in the business. She is Kristin Hannah’s editor. She came up with the first title which is a spin on the word Enemy. She used Entity instead. The following two titles THE ENTITY WITHIN and LOVE YOUR ENTITY were a brainstorming collaboration between us. And coming out Oct 15 is my holiday enovella THE ENTITY WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS which was another of my editor’s brilliant ideas! I also absolutely love the covers that she and the art department have come up with for these books!


Does the names of the characters in your Entity novels have some sort of significance or importance to you? If so, give a few examples…

Nick St. George, the hero of SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY, shares the name of St. George who saves the princess from the dragon. I love the flow of Daniella Delaney (and love the actress Dana Delaney).

What prompted you to move into this romance sub-genre?

My editor asked if I would be interested in writing paranormal romances with humor and I was eager to try as I had some story ideas.

What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer and does your characters reflect some of these attributes?

A sense of humor! It is a lifesaver and has helped me survive some very tough times. My characters have a sense of humor as well. My books feature heat and humor as well as fast-paced dialogue and heart.

What kind of research did you have to do for these novels that was different from other novels you have written?

I had to research cupcakes! I did that thanks to my local cupcake shop Sugar Monkey. The owner gave me a tour and some baking secrets. I also researched historical elements like Gettysburg or World War I or Catherine the Great from Russia. I researched vampire lore as well as other paranormal elements. Then some fun stuff like shoes from the 1920’s!

What makes you laugh?

Funny cat videos! Darynda Jones book FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT and also Tessa Dare’s Spindle Cove historical romance series. And of course books by Jayne Ann Krentz and Susan Elizabeth Phillips!

What makes you cry?

Lots of things! Emotional commercials, beautiful music, feel good stories

Thank you for sitting down and taking the time out of your busy writing schedule to answering these questions!

To read an excerpt of Cat’s book SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY check out her website and for fun updates and info Like her Facebook page at


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