Past Adventures: Highlights from Star Wars Celebration VI

Star Wars Celebration Europe II is going on in this weekend. I am not able to attend the event this time. However, in celebration, I decided to share some highlights from my adventure at Star Wars Celebration VI last year.


My Celebration VI 4 Day passes featured a party ready Yoda


Some experiences during Celebration VI

Saw the art of Ralph McQuarrie, run by Paul and Athena Bateman from Dreams and Vision Press, and bought some of the signed concept artwork and the book Remembering Ralph McQuarrie for my collection.


Saw the building of the Return to Tatooine Diorama over the course of the entire weekend by both adults and children!



Saw the comedy stage production that summarizes the Episodes I – VI films, Star Wars in 60 Minutes



Saw the live recording of Star Wars: Smuggler’s Gambit Radio Drama






Saw Director Kyle Newman and voice actor Stephen Stanton dressed as Captain Tarkin at the Inside The Forcecast Panel hosted by podcasters Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac, who are now running their Parsec Award Nominated podcast, Rebel Force Radio



Walked through the Rancho Obi Wan Experience to see some of the Star Wars related items that Steve Sansweet has acquired over the years.


Met Star Wars artist, Katie Cook, and many others at the Star Wars Art Show.


Saw interesting lighted models, including the Millennium Falcon, at the Japan Star Wars Modeling Alliance booth


Recorded an excerpt from the Star Wars audiobook The Heir to The Empire at the Random House Publishing booth.


Note: I wrote a blog post about this adventure back in March.

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