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As I mentioned in a post at the end of June, I am proud that I was able to help with the publication of the Tales From The SFR Brigade Anthology.


I promised my fellow members of the SFR Brigade a list of links from other blogs that talk about or review the anthology. Below are just some of those that I have found so far:

Post that previews the Anthology from Contributing Author, Amy Laurens

Background on what lead to the development of Anthology from JC Cassels

Goodreads page for the Anthology.

Announcement on the early publication of Anthology by Contributing Author Pippa Jay.

Post about Anthology by Editorial Director Diane Dooley on her Contact Infinite Futures blog

Review of the Anthology by Jo@Mixed Book Bag

The Galaxy Express Interview with Anthology Developmental Editor, Paula Dooley

Post about the Anthology by SFR Brigade Member and Author Kylie Griffin

Announcement on publication of Anthology by SmartGirlsSciFi

Promotion of Anthology on DearAuthor.com

Review by author KS “Kaz” Augustin

Review of the Anthology from CE Kilgore posted on the Tracing The Stars blog.

Making the Anthology by SFR Brigade Founder and Editor-At-Large, Lauren A Green.

Link to Anthology on SFSignal under the “More Fun Stuff” banner headline.

Additional links my readers have found

Zhurrat Review repost of Corrine Kilgore’s review.

A ping back on Todd Robert Dean’s site

Post about the Anthology from Chief Copy-Editor Laurel C Kriegler

If there are any others that are not listed above, please share these with me in the comments.

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