Reading Adventures: Lost in Translation, Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my Lost in Translation blog article series!!

I recently re-read the digital manga that was based on the Harlequin Romance novel, The Marine & The Princess by Cathie Linz. During my re-read, I found some interesting differences between the original version and the manga version, which inspired me to create another “Lost In Translation” article.

As usual, I will start this article with the basic format differences between the two versions of the story The Marine & The Princess:


The original version is a paperback, first published in 2001 in North America, with 187 pages and contains words only.


The manga version is a digital ebook, first published in 2009 in Japan, with 127 pages and contains words with illustrations.

The following interesting differences can be seen between these two versions:

Difference 1

The military rank of the Mark Wilder, the male lead of the story, is different between the two versions.

The original version his rank is given as:


The manga version his jokingly gives his rank as “General” at first, but his actual rank is…


Difference 2

The manga version, as seen in the pic below, mentions or shows brand name U.S. based restaurants, but the original does not mention or describe a brand name. The original only mentions that the characters are going to or eating at “a fast-food restaurant”.


Difference 3

The original version has a silver necklace with a slipper charm as a prominent symbol of the character’s romance within the story. However, the manga version does not include this symbol at all within the story.

These point out some interesting differences between these two versions. However, the differences seem to be more artistic, than translation based issues.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of my Lost In Translation series of posts and will post another article on this topic soon!

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