Past Adventure: Art in the Desert

Last year, my husband and I went with a friend to visit some interesting places in the Nevada desert. One of the places we visited is the Goldwell Open Air Museum near the ghost town of Rhyolite.

The Goldwell Open Air Museum offers spectacular, south-facing views across the Mojave Desert; seven monumental sculptures; a historic early 1900′s house; and is surrounded by varied desert terrains (mountains, flats, and washes).

There are some interesting pieces of artwork displayed in this open air museum. However, I connected only with two pieces that are displayed. Therefore, I decided to share with you what these two pieces of artwork are and how I connected with them.

Full Size Couch Sculpture called “Sit Here” by artist Sofie Siegmann


      I am impressed with the medium that the artist used, especially the various colored tiles. I am also impressed by the detail and even the functionality of the piece. Overall, I compliment the artist on the whole concept and the execution.

However, what I connected with the most on this piece is the emotion I felt when I saw how damaged it is. The damage is not just from the elements, which I expected being in a desert environment, but by people who I assume want to “take” a piece of this artwork home with them. It is a shame what has happened to such a beautiful piece of art and I hope that someday it can be restored.

A Ghostly sculptured version of “The Last Supper” created by artist Albert Szukalski


    This seemed, to me, to be an unusual version of this famous piece of art. The ghostly motif, I believe, gives this famous scene a new meaning. Overall, I get the impression that death is not very far anyone who appears in that scene or whomever views it. I am not sure if this is the impression the artist tried to convey with this piece. However, there is another reason why this sculpture impressed me. I am impressed at how well made this piece is. The artist used some great materials in creating the sculpture. Based on my observation, this piece holds up very well in the environment of this open air museum. I would not be surprised if this is still in the same spot for many years to come.

Even though I only connected with a few pieces in this museum, I would encourage anyone who is interested in this type of artwork to visit. For more information of the other artwork displayed or how to get to the Goldwell Open Air Museum, please visit the following sites:

Southern Rhyolite: The Goldwell Open Air Museum

Visiting the Goldwell Open Air Museum

Trip Advisor Article on The Goldwell Open Air Museum

Death Valley Chamber of Commerce article on museum

Places Earth article on museum

Via Magazine article about museum

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  1. Michael h says :

    I enjoyed reading your perspective on art in the desert

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