Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Toonami

Great news for Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans, like me. Toonami has announced that they will air all five seasons, with some skipped episodes, starting August 17 (actually the 18th) replacing Eureka 7.


Here are some highlights from the Toonami Tumblr Q&A session about the upcoming airing of this series:

Feelings on the show and why Toonmai acquired the series:

…we’re very happy about (this) because we always felt it was a Toonami show.

We chose to pick it up because it’s a great show!

About those that think this series is not a good fit for Toonami either because:

they think nobody will want to watch it

It DID make it (to) 5 seasons, so a lot of people disagree with you, but ultimately the ratings will decide for us!

or they consider it to be a ‘kids‘ show.

We think it’s one of the darkest cartoons to air on CN, and we certainly don’t think of it as “for kids.”

Anyone saying it’s a kid’s show probably hasn’t seen too many episodes.

On the continuity and the order the episodes will air in:

We’ll be skipping some of the non-continuity (read: Jar Jar) eps, but they’ll generally run in order.

With Clone Wars, we just feel there are some clear points that aren’t necessary and might be a little too kiddy to show. We may even eventually air those episodes, but not for a while.

…not sure if it will be possible to get the unedited versions, but we’re looking into it.

Updated from Tumblr post on 08/01/2013:

We’ve been ASKED by the network to skip the super slow/irrelevant/kiddie episodes of Clone Wars. …That said, we don’t consider the (few) eps we are cutting “filler.” FILLER, as referred to by anime fans, is a story arc that takes place outside the source manga a show might be following….We wanted Clone Wars, we were asked to make this concession if we aired it…OH and BTW: Promise we won’t skip stuff like “Rookies” etc and some of the really special/badass standalone eps The Clone Wars has. We’d like to ask you to trust us. Hopefully we’ve earned it!

The Toonami staff also had an opinion on the upcoming ‘Star Wars Sequel Trilogy‘:

We think more Star Wars is always good news!

I am so glad that Toonami has picked this series up and I hope that the ratings will show that our efforts at trying to save this great show were not in vain! Remember to set your TIVOs or similar devices because the Toonami team confirmed that those DOES help their ratings!

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