Star Wars References from Unexpected Sources

As I mentioned before, I am an everyday fangirl who either talks about or has fan adventures every day. One of the most interesting are references to Star Wars that I find in my everyday life from unexpected sources. Below are some examples of fandom references in unexpected places:

References At The Office

I encountered a few Star Wars references at the office…

One of these unexpected encounters I mentioned in my blog post, Expect The Unexpected!

Another Star Wars reference I encountered was written on a wipe board near my workstation.


Star Wars references found while doing something else…

I was looking up on how to pronounce a word and I found this reference:


A few Star Wars references in recently watched anime

I am not surprised that references to Star Wars can be found in anime and manga created in Japan because of the worldwide popularity of the franchise. However, the following are references that I did not expect to find…


In the Honey & Clover anime, one of the main characters disappears for months at a time and later in the story, it is revealed that he is working in America as a successful CGI artist with Peter Lucas (pictured above), which is a parody of George Lucas!


In the Tenchi Muyo! OVA & Tenchi Universe TV series the main character has a weapon, called a Tenchi-ken, that looks and acts like a light saber.

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