Recent Adventure: Castle TV The Beginning

Topic: Recent Adventure: Castle TV The Beginning


My husband and I have started to watch the season one box set of Castle on DVD. Over the last couple of days, we have watched first three episodes of season one. We are not ready to give a full review, but we have discussed who our favorite characters are so far.

We both like many of the characters on the show including the Detective Kate Beckett and those that work with her like, the medical examiner, the other detectives and the police chief. We like these recurring characters and their interaction with the main title character, Richard Castle. We have observed that many of the recurring character have some great dialog and scenes throughout these episodes.

As I mentioned before on this post, I like the character of Richard Castle.

My favorite Richard Castle quote so far…

From Episode 1.2: Nanny McDead

Richard Castle: “Three men huddled around a computer… that better not be porn. And if it is, I want in.”

My husband, on the other hand, likes the character of his daughter, Alexis Castle.

My husband’s favorite Alexis quote so far…

From Episode 1.1: Flowers For Your Grave

Alexis Castle: “Not when your dad’s been escorted away by cops. How was the slammer? Anyone make you their bitch?”


So who are you favorite Castle characters from the beginning of season one?

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