International Day of The Girl

Today, October 11th, is International Day of The Girl


What is the International day of the Girl?

On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to declare 11 October as the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.

Since 2012, the United Nations marks 11 October as the ‘International Day of the Girl Child’. The day promotes girls’ human rights, highlights gender inequalities that remain between girls and boys and addresses the various forms of discrimination and abuse suffered by girls around the world.
One in three women and girls experience abuse in their lifetime.
More than half of sexual assaults are committed against girls under 16 years of age.
Globally, more than one in three young women aged 20-24 years are married before the age of 18.

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This year, I along with many others helped to fund the Brave Girls Take Back Media Campaign headed by the Brave Girls Alliance.

This campaign unites Parents, educators, loving adults and girls who want and need to be heard. We want to combine the power of new media (social media) with the power of old media: billboards, magazines, public spaces, TV… whatever we can access until we drive real change.

And tonight, on the International Day of the Girl, and continuing for the next week, many of our voices WILL be seen in Times Square, including mine!

One of my Tweets will be shown on a big ad billboard in Times Square along with many others.
Preview of this effort can be found at the link below:

So, if you are in Times Square this week look for my Tweet with the hashtag #BraveGirlswant!



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