Cool Characters Who Wear Glasses

I was just reading a few articles on how wearing glasses can make you look cool. The first article, from an enewsletter I received in my inbox, mentioned there are young men in Japan, who wear glasses, but as a fashion statement, not because they have to. These men are known as ‘Megane Danshi. The other was a blog article entitled You Can Look Good In Glasses about cool men, like Johnny Depp, wearing glasses.

These two articles got me to think about all the different characters who wear glasses that I believe are cool.

Below are some of these cool eyeglass wearing characters, both male and female, from various fandoms:


from the shojo manga and anime, Emma Victorian Romance

Harry Potter

From the Harry Potter series of books and movies

Daria Morgandorfer

From the animated series, Daria

Austin Powers

From the Austin Powers movies

Yomiko Readman aka The Paper

From the anime series, Read Or Die (R.O.D.)

Uryu Ishida

From the manga and anime series, Bleach


From the manga and anime series, One Piece

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