#AtoZBlogChallenge: Baccano!

A to Z Blog Challenge topic: Baccano!

Baccano! is an anime series, released by Funimation in North America, that is set in the 1930’s during the height of the Great Depression.


This anime is, at first, one of the craziest and confusing series that my husband and I have watched in the last five years. Below is the story summary from Funimation website, which highlights some of the confusing aspects of the story:

Don’t let nobody tell you there’s no future in a life of crime, because some rackets can last forever. But we’ll get around to all that immortality jazz later. A mafia turf war is raging on the mean streets of the Big Apple, a place where regular joes bounce between backdoor booze joints and the breadline. But this caper ain’t about a simple gangland brawl. It’s about hoods who can’t seem to die proper after catching a bullet or five between the eyes. Sadistic hit-men and the dames they love, mad bombers going boom, monsters going bump, and soul sucking alchemists bootlegging an elixir of eternal life.

Just remember, Baccano! ain’t about beginnings and ends. It’s about the twists and turns, bub. Paths don’t cross in this story – They collide. Every Dick and Jane plays the lead and it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

For the casual anime fan, this series is quite a bit confusing because it jumps around in time between multiple characters and multiple story lines throughout the series. However, after a few episodes, this series was well worth getting through, despite the confusion, because of the great characters. There are several characters throughout the series that each play a part, many rather unexpectedly, in the overall story that is slowly revealed as the series progresses.

Baccano! is available both subtitled and dubbed via Funimation’s website and other streaming services!


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