#AtoZBlogChallenge: xxxHoLic Character, Doumeki

#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: xxxHoLic Character, Doumeki


Doumeki is one of characters from the anime and manga series, xxxHoLic.


He has a serious disposition, rarely displays any emotion and is very observant.


Doumeki is a friend, revival and fellow classmate of xxxHoLic’s main character, Watanuki.


He helps Watanuki, during his adventures and trials, with his vast knowledge of the supernatural world and with his skills with a bow and arrow.


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One response to “#AtoZBlogChallenge: xxxHoLic Character, Doumeki”

  1. Julia says :

    I have never heard of this character or series, but I think it is a creative use for the letter X.

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