Tethered Blog Tour: Creating a Universe

It is my pleasure to be part of the Tethered Blog Tour and in welcoming author, Pippa Jay who is giving us some insights on how writer’s create their Universes.

Creating a Universe by Pippa Jay

Hi, I’m Pippa Jay, author of scifi and the supernatural with a romantic soul.

Authors talk a lot about world building, and aside from being important, personally it’s one of my favourite aspects of writing. But because I mostly write science fiction, I usually have to create more than one world. In fact, I’ve created a whole universe. And while my latest SFR—Tethered—may not to be tied directly to my previous scifi works, they are all linked.


I’ve called it the Travellers Universe, because it’s where the stories about my time-travellers are set. For example, the G-Comm Wardens, of which my hero Zander was once a member, feature in my YA scifi Gethyon. The Nercaandi mentioned in Tethered are a big part of my sequel to Keir. And there’s a fleeting nod to my family of time-travellers, a reference to the mythical Travellers who have become a fairytale in the time of Tethered. It also means I don’t have to keep creating different technologies for every story. In this universe, warp gates are used to jump the vast distances between systems. Some spaceships have warp drives that allow them to bypass the gates, though that then carries the risk of becoming lost in that alternate dimension, something that my heroine Tyree dislikes intensely.
So how do I keep it all straight? At first relied on memory—although I’ve only been published just over two years, most of this has been in my head for over twenty. Then I created a glossary for the more common terms. Now I have a wikispace that I’m using to construct my own encyclopaedia for the Travellers Universe. A wikispace is pretty simple to set up and so far it’s fulfilling the function. I know some people prefer to use a blog, but the wiki is working for me. It’s not very comprehensive so far, but I hope to keep adding to it to help me keep everything straight as my books progress. Who knows, I may even bring out my own Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Travellers Universe! 😛

So how do you keep your world or universe straight? Or do you prefer to write one off stories that don’t require keeping things straight?

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Thank you so much for stopping by Pippa and helping us to better understand how to create a Universe!

You can learn more about Pippa Jay and her stories be visiting, http://pippajay.blogspot.co.uk/ or http://pippjay.co.uk
Tethered is now available and can be purchased through one of the following sites:

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Do not forget to read the Excerpt of Tethered that was posted on this blog!

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3 responses to “Tethered Blog Tour: Creating a Universe”

  1. Lyra says :

    I am normally not an outliner and I still don’t consider myself one now. But I’m working on my first novel “Wilder than the Martian Wind”. I’m currently working on a genealogy for my Martian colony so no one accidentally marries their cousin or auntie or whatnot. Then it got me to thinking about how their society formed after being cut off from Earth and not receiving new colonists to help build the waystation that will take them deeper into space.

    Then I started to think, are they still into their original mission of being the jumping board for further deeper space exploration or are they just trying to live life and on Mars and not worry about the original mission.

    I found myself needing to write it all down. I’ve been thinking about creating an online family tree much like how Pippa is creating a wiki because I’m planning to write a lot of stories in this universe but like Pippa’s seem to be you don’t have to read them in any particular order.

  2. pippajay says :

    Thanks for hosting me!

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