Interview with Author Melisse Aires

It is my honor to interview Melisse Aires, author of Her Cyborg Awakes, Book one in the Diaspora Worlds series.

Welcome Melisse and thank you for joining us today to answer the following:

What does the title, Her Cyborg Awakes, signify?


Her: Sabralia is a wife to Emperor Sirn, a warlord. He has a few other legal wives but they have children and live in another area of his palace. Sabralia was sent to the common harem, which if full of dancers and sex workers, but due to her status she has her own rooms, unsupervised visits to the beach, and her own cyborg servant, the handsome Qy.

Cyborg: The Gorvas Army, in which Sirn is a military commander, has experimented a great deal with cyborgs to use as obedient,emotionless pawns in their goal of conquering the Terran Alliance planets. They make the cyborgs out of the fallen dead and dying.

Awakes: While they hide on the beach to avoid Sirn’s Feast, in which he turns his Harem over to his officers, Qy misses his nightly maintenance and begins to change.

What prompted or inspired you to write in this genre?

I have read and enjoyed science fiction since I was a child. Even then I appreciate touches of romance. Later I discovered romances. Seemed like a perfect blend to me.

What kind of research did you have to do for the novel that was different from others?

I did some research on wormholes and speculations on faster than light space flight, but this is a space opera, the technology isn’t where the story is at, but the characters.

What makes you laugh?

I adore a certain character type, usually a secondary character, who innocently bungles the life of the main characters, but eventually attains their goal. Dobby from the Harry Potter series, Eloisa James’ character Rupert in THE DUKE IS MINE, is one of the most memorable characters. I really am trying to write one!

What makes you cry?

The injury or death of a beloved character. Dobby (again) and Fred and in the Harry Potter series.

How would you describe yourself?

Take a shy, chubby, Catholic school girl bookworm from Montana. Hand her a stack of her much older brother’s sci fi and fantasy novels, James Bond books and horror comics. Later, introduce Barbara Cartland and the world of romance fiction.

Get her a teaching job or two in authentic, one room Montana schools, ala Laura Ingels Wilder.

Marry her off to a great guy, move her to a big city in Tornado Alley, then pop three daughters out of her in twenty two months(one set of identical twins).

Then, make her a jinx–every great genre TV show she loves gets the ax– Beauty and the Beast, Dark Angel–and Buffy and Spike NEVER have a happy ending! She gets upset about no romance in the world, and fires up to write her own stories with happy endings.

Throw this all together into a small house in Wyoming, along with a small bouncy dog named Baxter and too many cats, shake constantly and pour it out onto a computer keyboard.

There! You have me, Melisse Aires.

Thank you again Melisse for taking the time to answer these questions!


To learn more about Melisse Aires and her stories, please visit her website or her blog. You can also follow her via Twitter or Facebook



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