#AtoZChallenge: The Inquisitor


The Inquisitor


The Inquisitor is one of the main antagonists of the first season of Star Wars Rebels.  He is a specially trained Imperial Operative and his task, as assigned by Darth Vader, is to hunt down and destroy any surving Jedi Knights and to identify “the children of the Force“, who might become Jedi.

During the course of the first season, The Inquisitor does indeed find a Jedi Knight, Kanan and his Padawan, Ezra, and sets several traps for them.  He also makes a considered effort to destroy or convert one or both them.   

As The Inquisitor is pursuing them we learn more about this character.  For instance, we know that he has a custom double-bladed Lightsaber that spins, a custom Imperial Tie Fighter, is willing to kill when it warrants and is relying on the knowledge he learned from the data within the Jedi Temple Archives to help him in this task.  However, by the end of season 1, we still do not know enough about the character and what he represents within the Star Wars saga as a whole.


Some of the outstanding questions are:

Is “The Inquisitor” really this character’s name or is it a title?
If it is a title, then is he the only Inquisitor or are there others?
What type of training or conditioning did The Inquisitor go through to get to that level within the Empire?

I am hoping that season 2 of Star Wars Rebels will have some or all of these answers.

So have you watched all or part of season 1 of Star Wars Rebels?

If you did, what is your take on The Inquisitor and his role in the Star Wars saga?




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