#AtoZChallenge: Smuggler’s Bounty



Smuggler’s Bounty is an original Star Wars Radio Drama by Kyle Newman and FJ DeSanto.  This drama was performed in front of a live audience at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  I was not able to attend this performance due to the Star Wars Rebels related events.  However, my husband, Michael, was fortunate to attend this live performance.  Below are some of his impressions of the performance and some great pictures as well: 

Overall my husband indicated that “the performance was very good and done in the spirit of the Old Time Radio shows”.  He was also impressed that length of the story was longer than Smuggler’s Gambit. My husband also indicated that effects were also improved. Especially, the increased variety of effects including the “fancy lighting effects used to simulate battle effects” and that the opening crawl was shown on the screen as well. 

All of the voice cast did a great job, “..especially for since they were working in front of a live audience instead of in a booth with only the actor, engineer and director present.”  This performance gave him a greater respect for all voice actors in general.  It also gave a “new appreciation for live voice performance, especially those that did the original old time radio shows.” 









However, it was David W Collins performance as Han Solo that impressed my husband the most. He spent most of Saturday evening telling me how awesome a job David did in giving a “clean and consise” Han Solo performance.


Overall, my husband indicated that this live performance was among one of his best memories from Star Wars Celebrstion Anaheim! He was happy to be able to experience this live and cannot wait to experienced this again, when it is released on audio, like Smuggler’s Gambit.

Note: Smuggler’s Bounty logo and art by Paul Bateman



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