Guest Post: Catrina Taylor on Cross Genre Stories

Today it is my pleasure to host Catrina Taylor, who is the author of cross genre series, Knights of the Immortals. Please welcome Catrina to The Adventures of The Everyday Fangirl as she describes how her new series, Knights of the Immortals, crosses genres and defies expectations.

Take it away, Catrina!

Every genre seems to be defined. Science fiction, Mystery, Romance, Historical Fiction are all examples of genre with dedicated followings. But what do you have when a book crosses genre, age groups, and redefines what people should expect? You have a truly unique piece of fiction that will captivate audiences across the board and leave you questioning – Where does this go?

In Knights of the Immortals readers find themselves introduced to what begins as a contemporary world with high school students. It doesn’t remain there. Instead, as the series continues, it takes you into a lost city, off the planet, and into new situations and settings that will challenge what you think about SciFi, Romance, and many other genres.

The openIng scene of the series represents the blending of expectations, and challenging of genre as it introduces two pivotal characters. The first character you meet is a knight. He’s in full armor and performs a rite for the dignity of an old friend. As his sword sends his friend to a peaceful death, he hears a noise he’s not expecting and when he looks for it, you meet a young woman who’s lost her groceries. Thankfully her backpack stays on her back. And there you see an ‘oh, what?’ moment that will be a constant reaction throughout the first season of this new serial.

Knights of the Immortals books 1 and 2 will be released in May 2015. Books 3 and 4 will be released in rapid succession with the rest of the first season ready to go soon thereafter.

Below is an excerpt from the first installment, The Knight’s Apprentice.

Knights of the Immortals – James and Cerita

As she steps around the desk to join them, she notices James’ hair has been cut. The back is cropped short against his head and the front is longer, hanging forward from his ears to face. When he brushes his bangs back, his ears seem to disappear altogether. The moment his deep eyes meet hers, she swallows hard and smiles.
He stands and shifts his weight. “I um . . . hungry?”
She studies him carefully, noting the black jeans and vest over a white button down. Dress shoes replace his usual black and green sneakers. “This is a lot more than I was expecting.” Her eyes turn to the table. “Thank you.”
He runs a hand through his hair. “I can’t take all the credit. But,” he slides over to grab the flower and extends it to her, “this is for you.”
Absently, Cerita tucks a piece of hair behind her ear, and takes the flower from his hand. “Thanks.”
“Hate to interrupt you love birds, but lunch break is only forty minutes. I’ll need her help getting the computers to work with me on the end of week stuff.” Jenna grins and nearly skips back behind the desk.
James reaches for Cerita’s hand and guides her to the couch in front of the table. “So . . .”
“So . . .” Her eyes drift to the pizza again. “Looks good.”
He half smiles. “It’s homemade.”
“Really? I wouldn’t have known by looking at it.”
“You’ll know when you taste it.” He leans over, picks up a plate, and then extends it to her. His hand shakes a little. He puts his second hand around the other side of the plate to steady it. “I guess I’m nervous.”
Her smile grows a bit. “So am I.”
“I hope you like it.”
She takes a nibble. The first bite is rich in flavor, and savory. The meat is cut into small slivers that melt in her mouth, and the cheese blends perfectly to compliment it. “Mmm . . .”
His face brightens, and he digs into his own slice. “I’m glad that you like it.”
“It is wonderful. Who made this?”
“I did.”
Her eyes widen. “I had no idea you could cook like this. What’s the meat?”
His face drops a little. “Well, it’s not a usual meat you’d put on a regular pizza.”
She pauses her meal. “Okay?”
“It’s lamb. It’s cooked well, then the excess grease from it is dried out a bit before it’s added to the cheese blend.” He speaks with authority, but his face reddens.
“It’s delicious.” She finishes her piece, savoring every bite. “You’re an expert with this.”

Thank you Caterina for sharing this with us!

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