Guest Post – When The Going Gets Tough

The Adventures of the Everyday Fangirl welcomes author AR DeClerck as a guest blogger today talking about support she received when the going gets tough!

When The Going Gets Tough

Recently I started going through a writing funk. I had the stories in my head, but no inclination to do the actual act of writing down the words. A slump like this had never happened to me before and I found myself seeking the help of my writer friends to find a cure. I want to chat briefly about all the wonderful advice and support I received.

I posted about my dilemma on social media, expecting the normal outpouring of shoulder pats and random platitudes. What I received, however, was uplifting and genuine concern coupled with good advice.

I was not, it seemed, the only one going through the writing doldrums. Other authors were experiencing, or had experienced, the same thing. This by itself was comforting. I like knowing that I am not the odd duck from time to time. I was flooded with stories of similar experiences. It was heart warming to hear others express the same struggle.

The advice I received was strong, encouraging and tough. Get back on the horse even when you’ve lost your saddle. Force yourself to write; it will come naturally again soon enough. Use a pen and paper to regain your connection to the act of writing. Listen to music. Watch movies. Read your old favorites. Feed your imagination. I was humbled that fellow authors would encourage and support me when I was down.

I followed the advice from above and wrote three thousand words. It felt great. I felt whole again. Ready to get back to the business of,storytelling. And the next time I feel down, or worried about needing a break? I hope all my wonderful friends are there to pick me up again! I will definitely pay the favor forward!

Thanks again AR DeClerck! 

You can find AR:

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