Excerpt from Claimed

The Adventures of the Everyday Fangirl is happy to present this excerpt from Claimed by Lee-Ann Wallace.

NOTE:  This excerpt is PG-13.



Paxar went still behind her, and his humming ceased with a gasp. Tina whipped her head around to see a male taking up the entire wide doorway of the shop with his body and wings.
Her breath caught in her throat as her stomach did flip flops. Not a single sound, no movement, no talking came from behind her. The tension level in the shop rose as Tina stared at the male.
Oh, my. Wow, talk about stunning. She let her gaze travel over the male, taking in his wide shoulders and thick arms. He could squeeze you to death with those. A shiver shot down her spine. She’d never been with a man built like this male. He reminded her of her father, and she’d seen and had firsthand experience of what a man could do with that kind of strength. She swallowed down the lump forming in her throat.
He had the thickly muscled body of a warrior, even sported a breastplate, and had a variety of weapons strapped to his hips and thighs, cinching the garment he wore on his lower body tight. Who was he?
Tina let her gaze sweep back up the length of him to his corded neck and face. A face she could have found on any men’s fashion campaign on Earth, if it wasn’t for his yellow eyes with their slit pupils. A slight movement dragged her gaze from his, and she watched his deep green wings flare and snap back into position behind his back.
Oh. Oooh! So this was her male. This stunning combination of Morgathian and Human was hers. Boy, he was scrumptious enough to eat. Straight black brows sat low over his eyes and black hair spilled down the sides of his face. A long curl hung over his shoulder all the way to his waist. Tina had never liked long hair on a man, but on her mate, it was sexy as hell.
Okay, okay, sure he was gorgeous, but… he could be a complete dick. No, she already knew he was an ass. He’d bitten her and claimed her as his mate without even asking her. Definitely an ass. Tina had no time for assholes, and only time would tell if he was like her father. The fire in her gut flared. How dare he be so sexy and make her want him regardless of her feelings. Tina gritted her teeth and clenched the arms of the chair so hard her knuckles went white.
She turned away from her mate and stared into the mirror. “Cut it, Paxar.”
A low growl preceded, “If you cut her hair, I will gut you.”
Tina whipped her head around, her teeth bared in a snarl, and glared at the imposing male. His seven feet of wicked, violent masculinity posed a considerable threat to her peace of mind. He threatened her resolve to be strong with his overpowering presence, and it pissed her off royally. Stupid, arrogant male.
“You will not,” Tina said. “By your laws, I am free to do as I like until you claim me. Until you bite me a second time, I can do as I like. Now, I am going to have a haircut. Then I am going to my quarters to pack my belongings, and after, I will let you take me to your ship. You can wait outside for me, or you can wait on your ship, and I will come when I’m good and ready.”
They stared at each other for long minutes, the first of what Tina knew would be a series of battles. His bright yellow gaze bored into hers, the weight of his stare, the weight of his will trying to subdue her, but Tina refused to back down. A tiny grin lifted one corner of his lips as one sexy eyebrow rose, and humor filled his eyes, but that didn’t stop the flaring of his wings. He snapped them back in so fast they let off an audible crack.
Sexy beast. Tina barely controlled her growl of frustration. No man had the right to be so arousing that she wanted to jump him the minute she met him. Damn him.
“Then I guess I’d better claim you,” he said.




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Sometimes, dreams come true.
After fighting Earth’s government for fifty years, the Coalition has succeeded in its plan of bringing human females into space, and Tina Graham can finally live her dream. Assigned as a medic on Deranti Station, she has everything she has ever wanted until an unknown alien male rips it all away during a raid. With her dream destroyed and her life forever changed by an alien she’s only met once, Tina must fight to keep her dream alive.
Sorvar, Third Prince of Morgath, wants a mate who is different from the submissive females his people usually steal, and Tina’s just the sort of female he’s been looking for. The feisty human sets his blood on fire the minute she opens her mouth, and one bite is all it takes to claim her. But unexpected complications threaten to halt their relationship before it starts, and Tina must slay the demons from her past to have any chance at happiness with the sexy alien.
While Tina and Sorvar learn to manage the surprising results of mixing Human and Morgath genes, alien and human forces are determined to tear them apart, and steal not only their future but the future of the Morgath people.

About Lee-Ann Wallace
Lee-Ann Wallace wants to live in a world where washing folds itself, coffee’s good for you and dreams come true (at least the good ones). With one series published by eXtasy books, she’s just getting started with this thing called writing. If only her hands could type as fast as her imagination flows. When she’s not tapping away at her computer working on her next story, you can find her daydreaming about her next tattoo, watching action movies with her family, and practicing self-control, so she doesn’t one click every book on Amazon.

Find out more about Lee-Ann’s current releases and what she’s working on now at http://www.leeannwallace.com. You can also follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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