Interview with a Fangirl: Michelle

I am continuing with my series of interviews with Fangirls that I have met through social media!

Today, it is a great pleasure to interview fellow Fangirl, Michelle, aka Missy K’ya!

Fangirl Missy

Fangirl Michelle

I became aware of Michelle via the Skywalking Through Neverland Podcast and through interactions with her via Facebook.

Welcome Michelle to The Adventures of The Everyday Fangirl. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions about being a Fangirl.

When do you realize you were a Fangirl?

I suppose I have been a Fangirl since I was 9 years old. I know that, at that age, I didn’t realize that I was a Fangirl (or that there was such a thing). All I knew was that I was completely obsessed with Star Wars. I did realize that I was the only girl in my school that was passionate about it, but I simply didn’t care what anyone else thought. By the time I was about 12 or 13 I realized that “fandom” was a thing, and that I was certainly a part of it.

How has social media helped or hindered you?

Social media was non-existent during my childhood, teens, and early adulthood. We met other fans at comic book stores, lining up for new Star Wars film releases (yes, even back then), or just through mutual friends. Since the rise of social media it has become so much easier to meet other fans, which is great ! I find that when there is some new, exciting Star Wars news that the people around me do not really care about, I can just turn to my social media friends and they are always there to share in my excitement.

When did you first see Star Wars or other favorite fandom, such as Star Trek, Lord of The Ring, etc. and did you love it right away or did this grow on you over time?

I saw A New Hope when it was first released in the theater. I had just turned 6 years old and it was love at first sight. I grew up in San Francisco and saw the movie at the Coronet Theater, which I was able to do for every single Star Wars film until The Force Awakens. Unfortunately, the theater closed before then and I was devastated. Now I have to see Star Wars films in other places, but the love remains. I believe my love for all things Star Wars continues to grow, and probably always will.

What have you learned from the Star Wars fan community or other fan communities that has had a positive impact on your life?

I have learned that there are so many people out there that feel the same way I do, and that these people come from so many different places, ethnicities, religions, and political points of view. Regardless of how different fans may be, we all share something. Through the connections we make in our fandom communities I have seen that we can respect each other’s differences and not judge each other based on those differences or points of view. I find fellow fans to be far more accepting than other people in general. It seems that knowing what we share helps us to respect our differences.

What else do you Fangirl about?

Disney, Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Trek, LOTR, and Stranger Things.

Anything else you want to say to others about being a Fangirl?

I just want to express how happy I am that it has become much more acceptable for girls to be a part of the fandom communities. This generation is able to enjoy being fans regardless of their gender.

Thank so much Michelle for stopping by and letting us get to know you and your fandom better.



Michelle is a Northern California Fangirl mother and grandmother raising a 6 year old Fangirl with autism. You can connect with Missy K’ya via her Facebook or Instagram as a_mommy_and_a_mimi.


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I am a self proclaimed fangirl who is disguised as a mild mannered data analyst for a consulting firm. You can find me on Twitter as @pattybones2 or @Everyday_Fangrl

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