#AtoZBlogChallenge 2017

AtoZ Blog Challenge 2017

Today starts the April 2017 AtoZ Blog Challenge

What is the AtoZ Blog Challenge?

The challenge is where bloggers from around the world post a topic each day during the month of April, except on Sundays, related to a particular letter of the Alphabet. Basically, a blogger would post an article on April 1st with a topic related to the letter A and continue through the alphabet until April 30 with a topic related to the letter Z. To help visualize this, below is a schedule for the 2017 AtoZ blog Challenge:

AtoZ Blog Challenge schedule of Letters for April 2017

AtoZ Blog Challenge schedule of Letters for April 2017

You can participate by reading the articles that are posted each day. What good is an article posted that is never read? 

Those bloggers participating in this Challenge will be posting links to their articles via the official A to Z Challenge blog, the AtoZ Challenge Simulcast Blog (for WordPress bloggers), or the AtoZ Blog Challenge Facebook. Bloggers can also use Twitter and Instagram to post links with the hashtag #AtoZBlogChallenge. There are also some blogs that do a good job of consolidating the links that are shared via Twitter for example, The #AtoZChallange Daily.  

I participated in this Challange for several years and it helped me when I first started blogging. This Challenge is an excellent and exciting way to gather new readers, focus writing and showcase or expand the talent of writers and bloggers. If you have not read these previous AtoZ Challenge Blog posts you can find them here

Although I am not participating in this year’s Challenge, I still want to support those that are. Therefore, good luck to those that are participating and I look forward to reading and sharing those that peek my interest.
So are you participating in the Challenge? 

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I am a self proclaimed fangirl who is disguised as a mild mannered data analyst for a consulting firm. You can find me on Twitter as @pattybones2 or @Everyday_Fangrl

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