Destination: Titan

Destination Titan2 400

With the certainty of Earth’s inability to maintain the human race as it proceeds to fall into a two million year ice age, those in charge chose to send a religious group to Mars and the smartest brains available to Titan.

Those working on the Mars mission have split into religious factions.

Those working on the Titan mission have pulled together, creating a cohesive team, despite the endless sabotages. These sabotages were paid for by the religious group. Their stand is straightforward. Science and Religion do not mix. It is better that the human race die entirely rather than allow it to survive without God. Thus, 15 different traps are set to destroy the Titan mission.

Now if the religious factions would work together… Don’t count on that. They can’t even decide which religious leader will become the leader of them all.

Sounds hopeless to me, so let’s focus on the more interesting Titan Mission.

Meet Max Hunt, the nano-technologist in charge of choosing which brilliant minds will join the Titan Mission.  Man Working on Blueprints

He looks friendly in this pic, but his Maxexplosions are well known and dreaded. When matters do not go his way, he is not a kind tyrant.

One matter that does not please him is that he is only leader of the scientists and students. A soldier has been placed in charge of the mission.



Meet Colonel Lancaster.  He is in charge of the mission to Titan.  Yep, he’s out of uniform because he’s working out to keep himself fit. He’s doing fine at that, don’t you think so?

Muscular hot guy

Lancaster has been warned by Max that his bio-chemist, Tamara will be a problem.

Sensual blonde woman posing in black sexy lingerie

She got the slot to be on this mission because she likes the color orange. She thought that a stupid differentiator, and told Max as much.  While brilliant, Tamara’s greatest talent is her ability to create a cohesive work environment. That will make the difference once the Einstien Children show up. The first group was tasered and forced to go to class on only three hours of sleep. The second group thought they had been kidnapped. Amazingly, Tamara soothed them both into well behaved (most of the time) brilliant geniuses. Their specialties vary, but without question, they are all brilliant. I’ve placed them all into one picture so you won’t be overwhelmed. They arrive in two batches, but honestly, without Tamara’s soothing presence, they would have all been thrown into confinement. Instead, they become the salvation of the mission.

named tagged students

Here are a few other of the adult members of the team:

Young serious handsome bearded doctor with white coat and stethoscope.This is Dr. Bruce. He’s not handsome, but he can tell a joke.

man repairing pc Dr. David Sarns is both adept with computers and mechanics. He’s also cute.

Handsome young man portrait This is Victor. He’s a brilliant mathematician and programmer. He entered college at 13, and in some ways, he has never grown up. Thus, when things don’t go his way, he behaves like a child,  but once Tamara helps him grow up, he creates the most fabulous AI that has ever existed. Which is a good thing, because this mission would have failed due to all the sabotages if not for his AI.

Monitor of ScarlettMeet Scarlet, the finest AI program ever written. She chats with her humans via the various monitors all over their compound buried deep within a Montana mountain.  Clearly, she has a sense of humor. She will save their lives many times in this and next book.

I should mention that Tamara requested children from 6 months to thirteen to be added to the mix so they could practice being parents. Otherwise, when they arrived at Titan and got pregnant, no one would know what to do with the babies and there would be no calling their mothers for help. However, when the babies arrived, it was declared the finest bit of sabotaged ever created. Everyone was sleep deprived and tortured.

And given there are 15 sabotages preset, they really didn’t need another.

If they survive all their disasters and go to Titan, I’ll have even more pics for you…

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