An Interview with Sci-Fi Romance Author Cara Bristol

The Adventures of The Everyday Fangirl welcomes again author Cara Bristol, this time to talk about her newest sci-fi romance novel, Blown Away.

Head shot of Cara Bristol
Author Cara Bristol

Welcome again Cara to The Adventures of the Everyday Fangirl and thanks so much for taking the time out your busy schedule to help us get to know about your newest book, Blown Away.

What does the title of this novel, series or set of stories signify?

Blown Away (Cyborg Force 1) is a cyborg romance series set on a sandy, windblown planet. The title alludes to the conditions on the planet, but also to being “blown away” by unexpected events. All the heroes of the series are cyborgs who belong to a military unit called C-Force, but the series is named Cyborg Force because no one would know what C-Force is unless they read the book.

Do the names of the characters in your novel have some sort of significance or importance to you? If so, give a few examples…

As I mentioned, Blown Away is set on a windy planet. Just for fun, all the heroines will have names alluding to wind. Breeze in Blown Away (Cyborg Force 1), Gayle in Gale Force (Cyborg Force 2) and Tempest in the untitled Cyborg Force 3.

What prompted you to write in this genre and who or what inspired you to?

I write science fiction romance because of the creativity it allows me. All things are possible. With respect to the Cyborg Force series, I wanted to write about cyborgs again (Six of my eight sci-fi romance series are alien romances). I love military heroes, and a cyborg romance combines the best of both worlds: military heroes and sci-fi romance.

Over the holidays, I read a few “snowbound” romances and decided I wanted to write a forced proximity romance. I’d written about snowy planets before (the Alien Mate series), so I wanted to do something different. That led to the creation of Sajave, the windswept planet subject to fierce sandstorms. The hero and heroine hunker down in an isolated cabin during a violent sandstorm.

What kind of research did you have to do for the novel, series or set of stories that was different from others?

Although the hero of Blown Away is a cyborg, aliens factor into the story as well. I had to research the answer to the questions, how do you know when something is alive and what is intelligence? What makes a living entity intelligent?

What are you a fan of and is this reflected in your writing?

The romance tropes that I like as a reader are ones that I write about: enemies to lovers, redemption, wounded hero, military, second chance romance, forced proximity, arranged marriage, fated mates, and many others.

Is there anything else you want to add about the story, series that has not already been mentioned?

Cyborg Force is a later-in-life (mid-life) series with characters in their 40s. I think Romancelandia needs more mature characters. Most romance readers are not twentysomething anymore. I want to give them characters they can relate to.

And then I’d like to mention that Blown Away is the first book of this brand new series. Book two, Gale Force, is tentatively scheduled for late June/early July, and the third book will come out in the fall. If readers like cyborgs, I have a seven-book Men of Mettle cyborg romance series that’s complete.

What is the best way for readers to interact with you?

On Facebook and through my author newsletter. They can friend me on Facebook and join my private Facebook fan group. Readers can get a free book when they subscribe to my author newsletter.

About Blown Away

Blown Away cover

Trapped in a sandstorm on an alien planet, they’ll battle passion and danger…

Breeze O’Day

Windswept, sandblasted Sajave isn’t every astrogeologist’s dream assignment, but it’s been my safe zone from a dangerous past, and now I’m about to announce a game-changing discovery. But on the way to finalize my research, my hovercraft gets caught in a violent sandstorm and crashes. Unfortunately, my rescuer is Tack Grayson, an ill-mannered, bad-tempered mammoth of a man who’s made it perfectly clear saving me is a huge imposition. Well, no worries. I’ll soon be on my way to finish my top secret project, and our paths need never cross again.

Tack Grayson

If I had wanted company, I wouldn’t be living in a cabin hundreds of miles from nowhere. But I’m a cyborg with C-Force and rescuing people is what I do, even if they are idiots who should know better than to venture out in a sandstorm. Now I’m stuck with Breeze O’Day until this storm blows over.

But as I learn more about Breeze and her research, I begin to worry our association won’t end anytime soon. She’s in danger. Serious danger, and she’s going to need my help.

About Cara Bristol

USA Today Bestselling Author Cara Bristol has published more than fifty romances. Writing with humor and heart, she loves introducing new readers to science fiction romance, and likes to say she writes sci-fi for readers who don’t like sci-fi. When she’s not writing (ha ha ha – she’s almost always writing) she enjoys traveling to exotic destinations and chillaxin’ with her favorite TV shows. Cara lives in Missouri with her husband.

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