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Interview with an Author: Libby Doyle

It is a great pleasure to welcome Libby Doyle author of the The Passion Season: Book I of the Covalent Series.

Welcome Libby to The Adventures of the Everyday Fangirl and thanks so much for taking the time out your busy schedule to help us get to know more about you and your stories better!

What does the title of this novel, series or set of stories signify?

“Passion” is part of the title of Book I of the Covalent Series for the reason you might expect. My two main characters—Zan and Barakiel—fall into a sizzling hot passion for each other that goes beyond the merely physical. The consequences of their love—and its beauty—is central to all the books in the series.

Barakiel is a superhuman warrior from another dimension. The leaders of his homeworld have outlawed serious relationships with humans so his passion for Zan is complicated, to say the least. It’s lucky she can handle pretty much anything that’s thrown at her.

“Season” also has an important meaning in the book, specifically, the change of seasons in the Earthly Realm. At every solstice and equinox, the Earth’s orbit stretches the fabric of existence to open rifts between the dimensions. Barakiel’s evil father, Lucifer, sends his minions through these rifts to attack his son. As you can imagine, if Lucifer were to discover that Barakiel is in love, it could get a bit dangerous for his girlfriend.

I’ve also published The Pain Season and The Vengeance Season, Books II and III of the Covalent Series. As for the meaning of pain and vengeance in these titles, I’ll leave it to your imagination!

Do the names of the characters in your novel have some sort of significance or importance to you? If so, give a few examples…

This is such a great question for me! Almost everyone is familiar with the name Lucifer, the angel that defied God and was expelled from heaven. Barakiel is a lesser-known angel name, one of seven archangels and the leader of the Guardian Angels. In my book, however, Barakiel and Lucifer are not angels. They are Covalent, ancient beings who hold the cosmos in Balance. When human society was primitive, the Covalent often visited the Earthly Realm. They were the source of a lot of human mythology – not only angels but avatars, the djinn, the gods of the Greeks, a whole array.

Lucifer inspired all those human tales about Satan. He rebelled against the Covalent leadership and was driven out of Covalent City, but not completely defeated. He fled with his loyal dark warriors and regrouped. By the time the story begins, he’s become the powerful Lord of Destruction and the two sides are locked in a grim war.

As for Zan. Her name is short for Alexandra. I used it because I think it sounds cool.

What prompted you to write in this genre and who or what inspired you to?

I spent my formative years devouring all the fantasy and science fiction I could find. I started with A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle and moved onto J.R.R. Tolkien, Ursula K. Le Guin, Roger Zelazny and Frank Herbert (the Dune books), to name a few. I guess all those stories had to ferment in my brain for thirty years until The Covalent Series poured out.

What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer and do your characters reflect some of these attributes?

Beats me. I don’t think I am sane. A person has to be a little nuts to do so much work for so little money. I get frustrated that I can’t quit my day job. Ha Ha! I can dream.

What kind of research did you have to do for the series?

Physics! One of my main characters is Pellus, a friend and mentor to Barakiel, my male hero. Pellus is a being known as a Covalent traveler adept, born with the ability to perceive the molecular composition of things at the quantum level. Travelers study for a long time until they can move through the cosmos using interdimensional rifts. When they achieve mastery, they become adepts, the highest rank of traveler.

Adepts are BADASS. They can manipulate and alter the bonds that give structure to all things. Pellus can shift light to hide things. He can form impenetrable barriers out of thin air and burn or freeze his adversaries. He can travel through space in the blink of an eye. I read a book about physics so I could describe how Pellus sees the world.

What makes you laugh?

My husband. I make him laugh, too, the secret to our happy marriage.

What makes you cry?

Whenever an animal dies in a story. I simply cannot take it.

What are you a fan of and is this reflected in your writing?

I’m a big fan of Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fame. He inspired me with this quote, one of my favorites: “Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke.”

Words to live by! I took his advice. A lot the dialogue in my books is rich in humor.

Is there anything else you want to add about the Covalent Series that has not already been mentioned?

My heroine, Zan O’Gara, is a tough, battled-tested FBI agent. She does not submit and she does not need to be rescued. She is not claimed or owned and she will not be mistreated. Not anymore.

In addition, these books aren’t really light reads. Sure, they have lots of humor, but they go dark at times and the plots are complex. If you like total immersion in a world, I think you’ll like them.

What is the best way for readers to interact with you?

Through my website! You can contact me directly through my website’s “contact” page, as well as find all my social media links (Amazon Author Page, BookBub, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Goodreads) and my mailing list sign up.


The Passion Season: Book I of the Covalent Series by Libby Doyle

A superhuman warrior from another dimension. An FBI agent with a troubled past. A love that will burn through the cosmos.

When Special Agent Zan O’Gara investigates a ritual murder, she meets the only man who’s ever been able to reach beyond her emotional defenses. Little does she know he harbors a dangerous secret.

Barakiel accepted his solitary life after the rulers of his homeworld banished him to Earth, but his encounter with the fascinating Zan O’Gara changes everything. He knows he should stay away from her before his enemies make her a target. No matter. There’s no taming the unruly passion of a Covalent warrior.

As Zan’s investigation brings her closer to the truth about her lover, Barakiel realizes his presence on Earth has placed its most vulnerable citizens in danger. Compelled to protect them, he undertakes a series of duties he may not survive, even as Zan rescues him from a deadened heart.

“A tale about Lucifer’s son that deftly draws in readers with engrossing characters.”

— Kirkus Reviews

WARNING: This book contains foul language, violence, explicit sex, and sexual violence. Adults only! This is not a stand-alone novel, but the first in a five-part series. The romantic science fantasy continues in The Pain Season, Book II of the Covalent Series, available now.

Available via:


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Libby Doyle escapes real life by writing extravagant tales, filled with adventure, sex, and violence. When not tapping away at her fiction, she’s been known to work as an attorney and a journalist. She loves absurd humor, travel, hiking, punk rock, and her husband. Libby is the author of The Covalent Series, a romantic science fantasy in five parts. Read more at

Book Excerpt: The Pain Season

The Adventures of the Everyday Fangirl is happy to present this excerpt from The Pain Season, Book II of the Covalent Series by Libby Doyle.


Autumnal Equinox, Chapter 1

The axial rift opened with a ripping, clattering sound that fell in on itself, like a record playing backwards. Barakiel stood near the rusted tangle of train tracks behind Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. When a dozen demons emerged from the rift he smiled with relief. No Corrupted. None of his father’s dark warriors had made it through. The demons might be sturdy and vicious, but they were dim-witted. This fight would be routine, and then he could get home to Zan. He didn’t let himself think about what might happen when he revealed himself to her. He had a battle to deal with first.

I cannot love her if I let myself be killed by demons.

The location was also a relief. Usually when the yellow-eyed beasts shot through the axial rift he had to draw them away from population. Here, regional-rail trains were passing nearby, but there were no pedestrians. And the hour suited him. The equinox had come at night, around 10:30. Even if Pellus had not been there to conceal his activities, it was unlikely the passengers would be able to see much of anything occurring so deep in the rail yard. Pellus was there, of course, to create his curtain of refracted light that would hide the battle from weak human eyes. Barakiel could depend on him.

Thank Balance this will be easy, after all that has happened.

Shortly after the demons emerged, the warrior’s relief evaporated. Instead of attacking Barakiel, a handful peeled off, running in the direction of the city streets. The others headed for the section of the yard where the passenger trains were coming and going. Barakiel froze for a second to weigh the threats, before he moved toward the trains to pursue the greater number of demons.

I hope you can conceal this imbroglio, Pellus.

The warrior was about to fall upon a demon with his sword when he saw another attempting to rip up the tracks in front of an approaching train.

What in all the realms?

The train could be derailed if the monstrous creature finished, so Barakiel sped to fling it away from the tracks. As he raised his sword to take its head, another demon ripped apart a switching station. Yet another threw chunks of corroded metal. Some pieces fell onto a set of tracks on which a train approached. The warrior killed the first beast then ran to the blocked tracks, hurrying to clear the debris before the train reached that spot. Other demons ran amok in the rail yard, destroying any structure they could see. Anxiety gripped him.

What are you trying to do to now, father? Murder innocent humans to torment me?


Coming Halloween 2016…The Pain Season: Book II of the Covalent Series

WARNING: This book contains foul language, violence, and explicit sex. Adults only, please! Although not a cliffhanger, this is not a stand-alone novel. The story began in The Passion Season and will continue in The Vengeance Season.

The Pain Season

The Pain Season

Tonight’s the night. Rainer Barakiel is going to tell me all his secrets. I thought I’d be excited, but I feel like someone shoved a knife into my gut.

Heh. Fitting, considering I met Rainer because of his expertise in edged weapons. The daggers used in that ritual sacrifice turned into our best lead, thanks to him. What kind of omen is it, that I met the love of my life because someone found a human spleen in the bushes?

I didn’t expect someone like him. When he opened his door I couldn’t talk, I was so stunned. God, how I flirted with him. Hell of a way for an FBI agent to act. I didn’t want to face that he was hiding things from me.

What if he has something to do with the murder?

I’m being paranoid. He’s denied being a criminal and I believe him. I don’t see how my instincts could be so wrong. He can’t be bad. He can’t.

He’s hiding things from me, but he loves me. I feel it. Maybe he didn’t expect to fall in love with me, but he did, and now he wants out. He’s going to confess, leave it all behind. For me.

C’mon, O’Gara. Get ahold of yourself.

I wonder, after he tells me all his secrets, will this become a wacky story we love to tell? Or a story I tell only to myself, alone in a stale-smelling apartment, stewing in pain? The story of how my heart got damaged beyond repair.

The Pain Season is available for pre-order via Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Available now…The Passion Season: Book I of the Covalent Series

WARNING: This book contains foul language, violence, explicit sex, and descriptions of sexual violence. Adults only, please. Be aware, this is not a stand-alone novel. The story continues in The Pain Season: Book II of the Covalent Series. Release date: Halloween 2016.

The Passion Season

The Passion Season

“A tale about Lucifer’s son that deftly draws in readers with engrossing characters and room for expansion.” — Kirkus Reviews

A gruesome crime brings them together. Will his secrets rip them apart?

He is Barakiel. Warrior. Exile. Hopeless romantic. Barakiel is Covalent, a race of ancient beings who use their great power to keep the elemental forces of Creation and Destruction in Balance. The Covalent Council exiled Barakiel to the Earthly Realm as the price of the treachery of his father, Lucifer, who wages perpetual war against it. Lucifer also relentlessly pursues his son. The Council thinks Lucifer views his son’s power as a threat, but Barakiel knows his father seeks to destroy even the memory of love.

She is Alexandra O’Gara. FBI Agent. Army veteran. Recovering drunk. Zan’s troubled past left her with little interest in men, but she had never encountered anyone like the stunning Rainer Barakiel. Zan believes Barakiel is a wealthy businessman with expertise in edged weapons who can help her with a case. From the moment she meets him she wants him more than she’s ever wanted anything, but her intense attraction frightens her as much as it thrills her.

This is their love story. As Zan’s deepening feelings for Barakiel lead her to confront her emotional damage, he struggles to meet the demands of his home world so he will be free to love her, and to reveal his true nature. Through the gruesome crime that first brought Zan to his door, Barakiel learns that his presence in the Earthly Realm has placed some of its most vulnerable citizens in danger. Compelled to protect them, he undertakes a series of duties he may not survive, even as Zan rescues him from centuries of a deadened heart.

The Passion Season (enrolled in KDP Select until Oct. 30) via Amazon.

Libby Doyle

Libby Doyle

Libby Doyle is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist who took a walk around the corporate world and didn’t like it. She escapes the mundane by writing extravagant yarns, filled with sex and violence. She loves absurd humor, travel, punk rock, and her husband.

Writing novels is Libby’s latest adventure in a life that has been filled with them. She knows she’s a lucky woman, to have so many memories that feed her imagination.

She’s stood atop a hill in Connemara in a cold wind, watching sunlight sparkle off the pristine sea below. She’s crested a trail after a grueling hike to find the glory of the Continental Divide spread before her. She’s been followed by a howler monkey in a Mexican jungle, shared the midday meal with Buddhist monks in Korea, and been pummeled by an opponent in a martial arts test in Japan. She’s trekked for days among the Himalayas, mountains so high and timeless they made her feel completely insignificant, a wonderful feeling.

She’s married to a man who is funny and kind and patient enough to listen to her chatter on about her characters. Libby feels like they’re her friends. She’s confident they’ll keep you entertained. Through her fanciful tales, she hopes they speak to you.

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