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Interview with Author Misa Buckley

It is a great honor to interview Misa Buckley, Author of the Amazing Grace series of stories.

Welcome Misa! 

 What does the title of the series signify?

Amazing Grace is a series of shorts – last “episode”, Grace got herself into trouble, requiring her lover, Benedict, and her friends, Emery and Charity, to rescue her.

What prompted you to write in this genre and who or what inspired you to?

Sci fi romance is my favourite genre to write. The particular inspiration for the Amazing Grace series was a scene in Stargate SG-1 (there are actually a LOT of references in the stories)

What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer and do your characters reflect some of these attributes?

Writing itself keeps me sane… to a degree. There’s a lot that can distract you – other authors getting deals, awards, etc etc – but every person’s path is different. It’s best (though hard!) to not compare yourself to others.

What kind of research did you have to do for the novel that was different from others?

I did absolutely no research whatsoever. There wasn’t even any plotting done. I literally made the story up as I went along, but keeping a bible meant I could tie in loose ends and ideas.

Thank you so much Misa for agreeing to this interview!

You can learn more about Misa and her writing by visiting her website or you can follow her on Twitter!


The latest “episode” in the Amazing Grace series, Saving Grace, is now available from the following retail outlets:

ChampagneKindle and AllRomance

You can read an except of this story right here!

Excerpt from Saving Grace

It is my pleasure to share with you an excerpt from Saving Grace, the fourth story in the Amazing Grace series by author Misa Buckley.

Emery put his mug down. “Okay, so what now? We are gonna go get her out of there, right?”

Cupping his drink in his hands, Benedict considered the situation. Just the thought of Grace at Hammel, subjected to their horrific tests, made his blood run cold. Emery was right- they had to get her out. But that meant going in there himself, and he wasn’t sure he could. It wasn’t what they’d done to him, but what they’d made him do to others. He’d killed someone. Her name had been Eloise Suarez, and he’d burnt out her mind. And she was who he remembered killing–there was a good chance that there were others he couldn’t.

That he didn’t want to remember.

Shaking his head, he spoke in a low voice. “I can’t go into Hammel.”

Emery sat straighter. “What do you mean, can’t? You did it before.”

“And look where that got us!” Benedict took a breath and raked a hand through his hair. “I want Grace back. But if they have her, then they’ll be expecting a rescue attempt. They have a suppression field that dampens abilities. Not even I’m strong enough to counteract it. The only person who’s been able to manage that is Grace.”

“And she’s in a tank,” Charity said.

The thought made Benedict ill. “Yes.”

“We have to do something,” Emery stated.

“Don’t you think I know that? I know what they’ll do to her, what they’re probably already doing. Do you imagine I’d be sitting here if I’d any idea of how to get her out?” Benedict glared at the other man, frustration mingling with guilt. He wanted to act, but so had Grace and look where that had gotten her. “I’m no coward, Emery. But Hammel turned me into a weapon and I will not allow them to do so again. You know what they made me do. Now consider that used against you or Charity.”



With Grace held at Hammel, it’s down to her lover Benedict Thomas and the other “abnormals” he and Grace rescued to return the favour. Yet going back to the institute holds a special danger for Benedict – it was there that his powers were used to “train” others… and to kill those who didn’t make the grade.

Facing the nightmare of his past is one thing, but there is another that worries him even more: that he is playing right into the hands of the enemy.

You can purchase the story from the following retail outlets:


You can learn more about Misa and her writing by visiting her website or you can follow her on Twitter!

Cover Reveal: Grace Falls

It is my pleasure to reveal the cover of Grace Falls, the fourth story in the Amazing Grace series by author Misa Buckley.


Blurb: “Having learned that Global Solutions has a space rocket facility, Grace McKenna and Benedict Thomas race to stop the launch in the belief there’s a bomb. But the launch goes ahead without issue, making Grace wonder what she’s missed.

When fellow “abnormal” Charity points out the rocket launched is an attempt to control the rain cycle, Benedict surmises that there’s something being added to the water. Going against his wishes, Grace heads to Hammel, determined to get the answers.

However, the main one, of who is behind the scheme, is waiting for her… and his plans are darker than Grace could ever imagine.”

Grace Falls is the fourth story in the Amazing Grace series, and is released 1st December 2014 through Champagne Books.

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