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Guest Post: Sci-fi + mythology

The Adventures of The Everyday Fangirl welcomes Sela Carsen as a guest blogger to talk about Sci-fi + mythology.

Take it away Sela!

Sci-fi + mythology a guest post by Sela Carsen

Sci-fi + mythology = alien Viking berserker werewolves

Solve for romance. And don’t forget to show your work.

What? I’m a writer, not a mathematician. *gg*

My Wolves of Fenrir series roams the hinterlands of Sci-Fi Romance because what I write isn’t purely science based. Yes, there are sexy aliens, but how they came about has little to do with science and a lot to do with some good old-fashioned Norse mythology. At best, we can call it Sci-Fantasy Romance. I’m okay with that.

I started writing a short story a couple of years ago to get me out of a writing slump. I’d been writing paranormal romance before the slump, so that’s where I was comfortable. But I needed something more than an every day wolf shifter to get me out of the hole I was in.

Hellhounds? Nah. Hit a roadblock on religion.

Regular werewolves? Yawn.

Oooh. Alien werewolves! Now I was onto something!

Please take note that the way my brain works is not strictly logical. Or anything resembling logical. I mean, what kind of lunatic goes from hellhounds to aliens in two big jumps? Yeah, a writer.

But that presented its own internal sort of logic problem. How in the world were there alien werewolves?

Werewolves…wolves…Fenrir. Hey, Fenrir was a giant wolf. A son of Loki (he had exotic sexual tastes), Fenrir was so out of control he had to be bound with a dwarf-made chain, and the only way he got into the chain was by taking a chunk out of the god, Tyr. It was prophesied that at Ragnarok, Fenrir would break his chains and be the one to kill Odin, while his sons ate the moon and swallowed the sun.

Poor, misunderstood goggie woggie.

What if he didn’t want to destroy the world? What if he simply escaped with his mate, a… umm… Valkyrie!

Again, logic is not a thing here.

What if Fenrir and his mate escaped Earth and went a-Viking on a quest for their own land, far away from the chaos of the gods? What would their children be like?

They’d establish a Norse/Viking style culture, of course. Where discovery of new lands, establishing trading routes, and blending cultures was a way of life. One where the founding mother was a warrior and shieldmaiden, so it would stand to reason that the women could kick ass as well as the men.

And because their father was Fenrir the Great Wolf, their offspring would naturally take on some of his gifts. When they were in a berserker battle rage, they’d be able to change into something not quite human warrior, but not entirely an animal. Essentially, I wanted to preserve the idea of a really freaking scary werewolf that stood on two legs with huge claws and fangs, and wolf-like abilities like a heightened sense of smell and the eyesight of a predator.

Now we add in a drive to find the right mate, the one who not only has the right lifescent, but is also a good match in other ways, and you have romance.

But it’s not exactly science, is it? Not at all like regular sci-fi, which is often incredibly well-researched and based in hard science that can be logically extrapolated. There’s that word again…logic. And I deal in magic and mythology.

Although, I’d like to say that not everything I wrote in my Wolves of Fenrir series was made out of legendary whole cloth. The nanoarmor my Fenrir wear is based on real tech that is hundreds of times stronger, lighter, and more flexible than Kevlar. The prosthesis my hero wears in “Silver Wolf Rising” is also based on experimental artifical limbs that connect directly to the wearer’s nervous system so the limb responds in a much more realistic manner with fine joint movement, and even sensation.

And my starship? Is totally based on the USS Enterprise (ST: NG). Which makes it about as Sci-Fi as it gets.

Maybe, just maybe, then, Sci-Fantasy isn’t just a mishmash of ideas thrown randomly together. Maybe Science and Mythology can blend together to create a world with its own rules and logic.

And maybe, you’d enjoy reading about it.

You can find my Wolves of Fenrir series at your favorite retailer, by following this link.

The latest story – THE WOLF WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD – is out now in the VIKINGS WILD anthology – six sexy modern paranormal and sci-fi Viking romances featuring stories by Kate Pearce, Zoe York, Anne Marsh, Holley Trent, Loribelle Hunt, and me – Sela Carsen.

Vikings Wild

Vikings Wild

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Sela Carsen — The Wolf Who Came In From the Cold
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Kate Pearce — Captive Mail

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Thanks so much for sharing this with us today. Definately a fascinating math problem you gave us to work on!

More about Sela

Sela Carsen was born into a traveling family, then married a military man to continue her gypsy lifestyle. With her husband of 20 years, their two teens, her mother, the dog, and the cat, she’s finally (temporarily) settled in the Midwest. Between bouts of packing and unpacking, she writes paranormal romances, with or without dead bodies.

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