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What this Everyday Fangirl is looking forward to in 2015

Well it is a new year and there are many things this Everyday Fangirl is looking forward to including…

Movies and Television Series

Marvel’s Agent Carter


My husband and I cannot believe that this series is only six episodes. However, we plan on watching each one the week it airs!

Star Wars Rebels


I love all the characters, especially Hera and Sabine. I am very curious to see how their adventures tie into the entire Star Wars Saga, especially during the last half of Season 1 and of course the beginning of Season 2.

Star Wars The Force Awakens


You are probably not surprised by this one. However, you probably did not know that I plan to take a day off from work to see this, right?

Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc and Sailor Moon R & S with the new English dub


I cannot wait to see this arc in all it’s glory. And of course the trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal gave us a glimpse of how glorious this arc looks! In reference to the new dub for Sailor Moon R and S is who will voice Chibiusa and the Outer Sailor Scouts, especially Sailor Pluto!


Doctor Who Series 9


I am excited to see more adventures with Clara and The Twelfth Doctor!

Books, Manga and Comics

Doctor Who Comics by Titan





I did not pick up any of the new Doctor Who comics published by Titan in 2014. Therefore, in 2015 I have every issue released so far and new issues to look forward to. I am especially excited for the just announced comic stories with additional adventures with Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness and The Ninth Doctor!

Star Wars: Dark Disciple

A book with Asajj Ventress and the unorthodox Jedi Quinlan Vos in it? This has the makings of one crazy adventure story!


Ultimate Star Wars by JW Rinzler

I just love Star War Reference books that covers many aspects of the saga. However, I usually do not look forward to them before they come out. This one is an exception because portions of the book are written by fellow Fangirl and friend Tricia Barr. I just had to place my pre-order on Barnes and Noble for this!


Peace Talks by Jim Butcher, Book 16 of the Dresden Files


I have no information on what the plot is or what the cover looks like, but every Harry Dresden audiobook is a MUST buy for my husband and I as soon as it is released!


Star Wars Celebration Anaheim


This is the ultimate Star Wars fan experience and I cannot wait to walk the Dealer Room, go to panels, meet fellow Fangirls and doing the Fangirl flail with them and of course watch the live performance of Smuggler’s Bounty

Motor City Comic Con


This is my neighborhood comic con and has always been a good time and I am looking forward to see which guests I will meet this year!

So what are you looking forward to in 2015? Did any of yours match mine or is there something on yours that I should add?

Star Wars Rebels: Fangirl POV


When the announcement came on October 31, 2012 that The Walt Disney Co bought Lucasfilm, I believed that Star Wars would expand and grow with new stories and characters under the care of a company, that creates stories and characters that appeal to everyone. However, as time went on, headlines like Star Wars will help Disney focus on boys, Hey Star Wars–Where the hell are the women? , Where are the women in Star Wars Rebels? and ‘STAR WARS’: I FIND YOUR LACK OF FEMALE REPRESENTATION DISTURBING made me surprised and concerned that these new Star Wars stories were not going to appeal to at least one half of the Star Wars fan base, especially this Star Wars fangirl.

I was especially troubled by the reveals of the characters in Star Wars Rebels because I knew the crew of that series, who also worked on Star Wars The Clone Wars, had a better grasp of, in my opinion, the female half of the Star Wars fan base. I watched as as each video was posted on and on the Star Wars Rebels YouTube channel. For an entire week, a new character from the series was revealed. However, the female characters in the series, Sabine and Hera, were not added until the end of the week, after all the male characters were revealed.

The marketing strategy focus seems to be on the male characters of the series and the male half of the audience. While the reveal of the female characters seemed to be an after thought. As a fangirl and as someone who works in the advertising and marketing industry, I feel that they handled these reveals poorly. Therefore, because of how the marketing of Star Wars Rebels was handled, I approached this new animated series, Star Wars Rebels, with excitement, tempered by caution.

Fortunately, my excitement outweighed my caution, even with the poor marketing strategy, because it did not stop me from buying the prequel novel Star Wars A New Dawn on multiple digital formats, audio and ebook, or from attending the free local premiere screening of Star Wars Rebels ‘Spark of Rebellion‘.

As a fangirl, I noticed two things that overcame my caution and added to my excitement. First, Hera and Sabine are both fantastic female characters and role models. They are both strong, resourceful and everything I hoped for. Even though they may not be the focus of the series, based on the marketing strategy, I cannot wait to learn more about them and their relationships to the other characters. Second, both the novel and the series premiere, felt like Star Wars to me and I want more like this!! Therefore, I was so glad that I did not let my caution override my excitement.

Other female fans who shared the same trepidation over the initial rollout during Toy Fair have responded favorably to the series. When I asked Tricia Barr, from the podcast Fangirls Going Rogue about the premiere she said,

“The reaction online during the premiere was overall positive. For a while now, the element of romance or chemistry was lost in Star Wars storytelling. Not every female fan wants to see that, but a significant portion of female fans do. There was plenty of buzz surrounding Hera and Kanan and the possibilities suggested for those two just after one episode. Too, Hera and Sabine were confident and competent, not ladies in need of rescue or falling back on worn stereotypes about female characters. It’s apparent the show is working to establish a great diverse cast and that the negative buzz that came out of New York Toy Fair reveals that the licensing side isn’t always promoting the show for what the creators intend for it to be.”



Hera and Sabine are both fantastic female characters and role models, and like Tricia this helped overcome my caution and added to my excitement. Hera and Sabine are both strong and resourceful and everything I hoped for. Even though they may not be the focus of the series, from the marketing strategy, I cannot wait to learn more about them and their relationships to the other characters. Second, both the novel and the series premiere, felt like Star Wars to me and I want more like this!! Therefore, I was so glad that I did not let my caution override my excitement.

So have you seen the mini movie Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion yet? If so, what did you think of it? Did it miss, meet or exceed your expectations? If not, then you may want to watch the ABC prime time television debut of Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion on October 26 at 7:00PM EST with an extra scene added featuring Darth Vadar voiced by none other than James Earl Jones!

#AtoZBlogChallenge: Interviews with Authors

#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: Interviews with Authors

I have had the privilege of interviewing three different authors about their latest novels on this blog. Below are links to each of the interviews:


Tricia Barr, Author of WYNDE

Liza O’Connor, Author of Oh Stupid Heart Note: contest has ended, but still a fun read!

Cat Devon, Author of The Entity Within


#AtoZBlogChallenge: Fangirls Going Rogue


#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: Fangirls Going Rogue

Over the past year, the Her Universe Year of the Fangirl initiative has influenced many Fangirls around the world to connect with other Fangirls. I have been privileged to have spent time on Twitter talking to many different Fangirls about Star Wars, Doctor Who and many other fan related topics. I am so glad that the Year of The Fangirl gave me the opportunity to ‘meet’ and interact with other Fangirls just like me.

Two of the Fangirls that I have connected with because of this initiative are Tricia Barr and Teresa Delgado.

Tricia Barr, @fangirlcantina, Year of the Fangirl contributor, co-host of Fangirls Going Rogue podcast, a contributor to the Star Wars section of, author of several Star Wars Insider magazine articles, the creator and writer of the novel, WYNDE and manages the popular fangirl related blog,

Teresa Delgado, @icecoldpenguin, host of several Star Wars podcasts, including Fangirls Going Rogue podcast , contributor to Star Wars Report and currently manages two blogs, Fangirl Next Door and Quack In Over Disney.

These two Fangirls are both influential members of the Fangirl community and if it was not for The Year of The Fangirl initiative, I may never have met and interacted with either them. Therefore, I want to thank both Tricia and Teresa for taking the time to co-host a monthly Star Wars Fangirl podcast, called Fangirls Going Rogue, which can be found on the ShotGlass Digital Network. I also want to thank them for interacting with this Fangirl as well! I am proud to know both of you and look forward to the next monthly installment of Fangirls Going Rogue!


Interview with Author Tricia Barr

Today, I am excited to introduce first time author, fellow blogger and fangirl, Tricia Barr. She has recently written her first full length novel, WYNDE! Today, I posed a series of questions to help introduce you to her and to get a sense of what WYNDE is all about.

Please welcome Tricia to The Adventures of The Everyday Fangirl!


What does the title of this novel signify?

Wynde is a family name, the surname of the lead character Vespa’s father. Her mother is a Fireheart. The parents keep their last names and at adulthood the children pick what name to take. Wynde is the first book in the Fireheart Series, and this is significant to the journey Vespa takes. Stories help us discover who we are; we learn about ourselves from the trials and tribulations of the characters. Hopefully as Vespa begins to understand who she is, as a person and a heroine, the reader will learn something about her- or himself.

Does the names of the characters in your novel have some sort of significance or importance to you? If so, give a few examples…

What’s in a name? Essentially, everything. I spent several weeks picking names, researching their meanings and origins. Then I started pairing names to see how they sounded together. Vespa is derived from the word “vesper,” which has religious significance but also means an “evening star.” I wanted her name to sound more feminine so I replaced the “-er” with “-a.” That gives it a lighter sound as it rolls off the tongue. Vespa’s core group of friends – Terraq, who also happens to be her brother, Gemini and Zephyr – needed names that worked in concert with her name. She gains a mentor and a potential love interest within the story, as well, so I also attempted to have those names work with her name.

Many of the names in Wynde are related to the elements fire, air, earth, and water. This reflects the religious beliefs and cultural differences in the society on their home planet, Prime. Many characters have two elements in their name, such as Zephyr Tames; his first name denotes moving air and his last name brings to mind the famous river Thames. By doing this I was able to show that many on Prime have moved past former biases, but that doesn’t mean everyone has…

Some names came about in unique ways. One character in particular I wanted to sound determined and fierce right when he was introduced. I was watching a video of a honey badger and realized Badger really captured that vibe. Other times, I’ve used names of real people that remind me of the character, but switched up letters. This happens more often with the bad guys, especially ones for whom I have grand plans for their demise.

What prompted you to write in this genre and who or what inspired you to?

I love the freedom of space opera or space fantasy. Really, your imagination is the only limitation in prose storytelling. Obviously Star Wars was an enormous influence on my life. I loved X-wings just like I loved the flying in Top Gun. The teamwork in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly and later in The Avengers is something that I hope to reflect in my story. All those stories are known for their witty dialogue. That helps bring humor to dark stories. Mostly, though, I love to tell stories and I wasn’t seeing a lot of what I liked to read. After I read one particular New York Times bestselling novel, which will remain nameless, I said to a friend, “I can write better than that.” That was the moment I made the jump from fanfiction, where I was a successful and award-winning writer, over to my own world-building.

I have an engineering background and spent some time working on the space program as an intern for the Air Force. That influenced the military science fiction elements. The Primeans are in the early stages of intergalactic trade, and there will be many things for them to learn about how alien minds work. I try to keep the space battles and technology grounded in realism. The fantastical elements allowed me to explore ideas that were new and inventive, and also to create a superhero origin story; actually, several superhero origin stories. The alien invaders are waterbound, essentially mer-aliens, but some of them have removed their tail fin and replaced it with mechanical legs so they can do battle out of the water. I really wanted to include mythical creatures, and being an equestrian I naturally had to use the Pegasus.

All that world-building is useless if there aren’t characters the reader can get behind. The late Aaron Allston was a master at creating characters that were relatable, and that you wanted to root for. From the feedback so far, every reader has different favorites, although a few particular characters – Nix, Gemini, Terraq, and Vespa – rank as favorites most often.

What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer and does your characters reflect some of these attributes?

Here’s the funny thing: you almost have to be little insane to write a novel, especially when you’re talking about an epic space opera. Characters kept me up at night. They argued with me. I would be driving and realize I’d missed my exit because I was pondering a plot point. Then there is the crushing fear that I’m writing the worst thing ever. These are things every writer deals with. Personally, blogging keeps me grounded and interacting with others because writing a novel is a very isolating process. The attribute most needed to finish a novel is determination, and in a hero’s journey like Wynde, there are bound to be a few characters with plucky resolve to press on when others would walk away. So yes, a few of my characters are crazy and a few are doggedly determined. I’ll leave it to you to discover which ones are either or both.

WYNDE is available now from most bookselling platforms. For more information, check out my author website at You can follow me at @fangirlcantina on Twitter and Fireheart Series on Facebook.

Thank you so much, Tricia, for joining us today! Her novel WYNDE is available NOW and can be bought in either hard copy or electronic format from the following retailers:



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