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My recent adventure at Great Lakes Comic Expo

Yesterday, my younger sister Sheila and I attended a small local comic event, Great Lakes Comic Expo. This event, which focuses on comics and pop culture that takes place a couple times a year usually at local churches and halls and yesterday’s event cost us a whopping $6 to attend!


There were a fair number of tables with comic and merchandise vendors and comic artists. There was also a good mixture of franchises including Star Wars, Star Trek, The Walking Dead and of course The Marvel and DC Universes.


Afew of the vendors were selling vintage toys including these Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson figures from the 1970’s. (Personal note: I had a big crush on both of these actors back then and would have loved to own these figures.)


However, despite the number of vendors and the diversity of merchandise, we were disappointed in the price and the selection of items available for our family and ourselves.

Some of the vendors were selling the most recently released Star Wars merchandise at inflated prices.

For example: The recently released Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka and Darth Vader 2 pack, that my husband and I wanted, was being offered on the event floor by a vendor for $35. This is $20 more than it is selling at the local Meijer just down the street from the event. Guess where I bought this two pack at, huh?


There were also hourly door prizes given away with a grand prize of a Fantastic Four #48 issue for those that purchased the Early Bird entry fee.


There were a few cosplayers in attendance as well including these two adorable fangirls dressed as Batman and Robin in tutu’s!


My sister and I only spent a few hours at this event and we only walked away with a few items. However, we had fun looking around and being part of the overall event experience!

#AtoZChallenge: Cosplay


When my husband and I go to Conventions or other fan related events, such as Star Wars Celebration, we love to see all of the different people in Cosplay.

The cutest ones, like this one Cosplaying as Leia at Star Wars Celebration VI, make our hearts melt. 


While others impress us with the amount of work that went into creating the costumes, like the young lady cosplaying as Padme in her Naboo Dress at Star Wars Celebration VI. 


There are also those that Cosplay for a purpose, like these members of the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion, who raise money for charity and support local Star Wars events.


Finally, there are are also those that are just cute, like these women as Leia, Chewy and Han or downright funny like this mashup character, Bender R-2, posing with my husband, from Star Wars Celebration VI. 


So what cosplay interests you and so you have any favories?


Everyday Fangirl Convention Tips


It is now Spring and for many Fangirls and the Fanboys who support them, this means the beginning of the ‘con season’.  During the con season there are at least one or two fan related conventions almost every weekend.  

These conventions can vary in both size and in scope.  Some of the can be small, some can be big, some can include multiple fandoms or franchises, while others can focus on just one fandom or franchise.  No matter which of these conventions you plan on attending, if you are a newbie or a veteran attendee, these tips may be of help to you.

If you want to do it or buy it, then do not hesitate

There are plenty of opportunities and choices when attending a convention. Whether it’s attending a panel or special event, meeting a celebrity, or buying a piece of artwork, or collectible these opportunities may not come up again. Therefore, if you have the time or the money required, then do not hesitate or else you may regret it.

Best laid plans can be changed or interrupted

Many survival guides out there recommend that you plan before you go to the convention.  Planning is a great way to determine which panels or special events to attend. However, the best laid plans can be derailed due to crowds, changes in programming or any other unexpected circumstances.  Therefore, as part of your planning, include some contingency plans as well, just in case.  If Plan A does not work out, then Plans B, C or even D, may be just where you needed to be after all.

Bring extra clothes and accessories, epecially if you are cosplaying

Wearing fandom related clothes or dressing up as a favorite character can be really cool and enhance your overall convention experience. However, there can be times when an unexpected incident could happen to your clothes or outfit, such as food or drink being dropped into your lap.  Those types of incidents cannot be fixed quickly without having extra clothes or accessories with you.  If you have these items with you when these types of incidents happen, then you have a greater chance of correcting this quickly and getting back to the fun!

Breaks are a must, not an option

No matter how busy you are during the convention it is important that you get as many breaks as you can.  Even a couple of short breaks can help can keep you going longer.  Sitting down away from all the hustle and bustle, eating a snack, drinking some water or just talking with friends and other attendees can revitalize you and help you get ready for your next experience at the convention.

Bring Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

Either during or after a convention many people come down sick with what is commonly know as ‘con crud’.  The best may I found to help reduce the likelihood of coming down with something is to bring and use both hand sanitizer and wipes.  The use of both a hand sanitizer and wipes will help you reduce the possibility of coming into contact with bacteria or germs that can cause the ‘con crud’  In addition, using these may help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs to other attendees.  A win for everyone!

And last, but certainly not least…

Bring your patience, your manners and most of all your respect

Whether big or small, a convention is a great way to celebrate your fandom.  However, some attendees, especially those that are new to THAT con, may not be prepared for the size, the variety, the crowds or the long waits.  Even those that are prepared and have attended multiple times need to remember that there are plenty of others that may not be.  If attendees, both newbies and veterans, brought their patience, their manners and their respect, then everyone can have an awesome convention experience and go home happy!

Star Wars Rebels Screening in Metro Detroit

Today, My husband and I were privileged to get free passes to the one-time-only screening of STAR WARS REBELS: SPARK OF REBELLION.


Members of the 501st, the R2 Builders and Rebel Legion were there providing photo ops, balloon Lightsabers, body painting and other activities. There were also a few giveaways including posters and Xbox avatars.







We saw R2-D2 and Chopper entertain those waiting in line and in their seats before the screening started.





Overall, a good time was had by all even before the screening began!

Past Adventure: Star Wars Celebration VI Cosplay

Today, at the closing ceremonies of Star Wars Celebration Europe II, they announced that the next Celebration will be April 2015 in Anaheim, CA. I will definitely be there to meet up with as many of my fellow Star Wars fans! In celebration of this announcement, I am highlighting some of the Star Wars cosplay from Star Wars Celebration VI!



Darth Vadar with female Imperial Officer and Jabba The Hutt with Boba Fett (note: this photo op happened because actor Warwick Davis, Wicket the Ewok in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, wanted to get a pic of them together…


Speaking of Ewoks…


March of the bounty hunters…


A kid in awe at seeing General Grievous in person


Rebels including Han Solo lounging at the Rebel Legion Cantina Bar


A beautifully dressed Queen Padme Amidala


And last, but not least. A roadside pillar cosplaying as R2-D2!


June #FangirlPhotoADay Challenge: Day 30

I have accepted a challenge from Twitter User @kim_love who challenges all fangirls to answer one question a day via photos with the #FangirlPhotoADay hash tag.

Well today is the last day of the challenge and this has been a blast! Therefore, I now present the last question and the following photos answer it:

Question 30) My fangirl self is…

Just me and as my bio in the #SFRBAntho says: I am an everyday fangirl who is disguised as a mild mannered data analyst for an advertising agency in Michigan.

Me at the Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabra


Me at Star Wars Celebration VI meeting artist Katie Cook


Me cosplaying as Emma for Anime Vegas


Me in the booth recording a selection from Star Wars: Heir to the Empire at Celebration VI

Me with my husband meeting Steve Sansweet at Walt Disney World during Disney Star Wars Weekends in 2011

Me, my husband and our friend, Rich, at a gold mine in Nevada

Me at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

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