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Everyday Fangirl Asks: First Star Wars Collectible

First Star Wars Collectible

May 25th marks the 40th Anniversary of the release of Star Wars and of course the beginning of the Star Wars merchandising revolution.

I asked my friends in the various Facebook Groups I belong to what was their first Star Wars Collectible.
Pippa Jay
I bought a Battle Damage X-wing with birthday money. Unfortunately my sister broke it by slamming it against a door. I hung onto it for 20 years before accepting I’d never be able to fix it. Items I’ve owned the longest – an intact B-wing and a slightly damaged Y-wing (though I still have the often missing missile) which I’ve had for 30 years.

Cynthia Sax
I bought an R2D2 action figure after the first Star Wars released. We were very poor. We didn’t eat every day. (Yes, in North America, that still happens.) So it was a huge investment for me and one my parents didn’t approve of. All five of my siblings played with that R2D2 also. We loved that action figure into nothing. I move quite a bit and don’t currently have any Star Wars merchandise.

Laurie A. Green
Over 20 years ago, I bought a huge framed poster for my office wall that says “Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned from Star Wars.” It features artwork of the original cast along with some of the timeless wisdom that’s often been an inspiration to me when I needed it most: “Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try,” “Anger, fear and aggression lead to the dark side,” and “In seeking your destiny, patience is your ally.” A lot of decor has come and gone from my office walls over the years, but this poster still remains.

Jean Walker
A Star Wars bath towel, with the artwork from the movie poster. We still have it, although it’s VERY threadbare and we never use it any more.

Athena Grayson
My Star Wars Sheets that we got in the late 70’s(?) I remember having them on my bunk bed, and we got rid of that when I was 7 or 8 and almost fell out a window when I fell out of bed (which I apparently did a lot as a kid…which explains some things… To this day, I am still a flailer).
My mom and dad threw out all the Kenner stuff. To this day, the entire family is kicking ourselves over it.

Lindsay Buroker
I bought just about all of the books when they started coming out. I don’t think I’ve ever bought any toys or anything like that.

Pauline Baird Jones
Yeah, the Timonty Zahn books remain favs of mine in the SW universe.

Melissa Aires
When my kids were preschoolers I was SAHM with a limited budget for books. We went to many yard sales and at one I picked up a whole box of Star Wars paperbacks. I read them then mailed them to my brothers up in Montana–my oldest brother still has them, along with his huge scifi paperback collection..

Chris Wescott
An R2-D2 cookie jar and I still have it, but after I saw the price they’re asking for one on e-bay, I might be tempted to sell it.

Lynn Watson Smith
Jedi Master’s Quiz Book when I was a probably around 16 years old. I still have it decades later.

Andrea Cardinalle Vetter
Ok, I am showing my age, but I purchased the movie when it first came out on VHS. Oh, and the comic books that came out every week at the local grocery store.

Darlene Reilley
An R2D2 alarm clock. No, I sold it for five times the cost. The longest owned Star Wars item is a pair of earrings crafted by a friend. I’ve had them for twenty years and they aren’t going anywhere.

Jayne Fury
When New Hope came out (in the1970s) I was in the lines that first day and I purchased the playbill in the theatre lobby. I had it up until a few years ago when it got lost in a move. It had movie stills, design sketches, and cast and director bios. I hauled that thing around with me for thirty years or so until it was lost :/

From The Cantina Cast

Tom Burke
It’s horrible to say but I remember quite well going to this local toy store, in 1980, with my two other 9 year old friends and while 2 caused a disturbance in another aisle, one would use pocket knife to separate clamshell from cardboard and then pocket a few SW figures under this method. This may have occurred a few times over that summer

Honestly I think the first thing I bought with my own $ was a simple black hat with the SW Logo on it from Suncoast Video (remember those in the mall?) like the one worn by C Thomas Howell in ‘Red Dawn’

One of my oldest & favorite pieces is the program my father got me at the theater in 1977. My brother in law gave me 35mm film reel for trailer of ‘The Phantom Menace’ and poster from the lobby (from theater he worked at) and of course my original glasses from Burger King

Andy Leavy
I bought a Lightning McQueen Toy Car that was made to look like Rebel Pilot Luke

Eric Gijsbertus Onkenhout
I remember my first ever Star Wars figure was a Stormtrooper that I still have. Then as an adult I remember raiding Toys R Us in 1995 for POTF2 figures.

Joao Stinson
Honestly the first Star Wars thing I ever owned was probably the Pepsi product cans in 1999. Then I got a Darth Maul poster sometime after that. Remember, your co-host of the Cantina Cast didn’t actually watch the films until the release in 1997, as I was born in 1982, it kind of was just past my childhood, so I got in late.

Paul DePaola
I only have one of my vintage figures and it’s my favorite. It’s the vintage Anakin Skywalker ghost mail-away figure. It constantly reminds me of all the larger meanings behind the saga.

Star Wars Limited Edition Makeup

Star Wars Limited Edition Makeup

Like many Fangirls, I was excited when I started seeing advertisements and commercials for the limited edition Cover Girl© Star Wars The Force Awakens makeup line.

I have been seeing advertising signs around while I am shopping, like this one. However, I would not have much luck finding any displays with these product for immeditate purchase.


Fortunately, I finally found a display of the Star Wars The Force Awakens Cover Girl© Makeup Collection at my local grocery store today with actual limited edition products to purchase. 

I was excited and did a little Fangirl flail when I saw special two pack with pink lipgloss, black Mascara and even a $5 voucher for concessions when I go see The Force Awakens, for only $10 plus tax.


I choose to buy the package with the ‘Jedi Look’.


The good thing this everyday Fangirl can say about this limited two pack is the low cost and it contains a $5 voucher for movie concessions.


However, I was a little disappointed with what I found after opening the package.


Disappointment 1: The lipgloss was not Star Wars branded at all, not even a sticker.


Disappointment 2: Even though the two pack packaging said the light side, the mascara was actually branded for the Dark Side.

Overall, this everyday fangirl may not be 100% satisified with this purchase, but for the price it was not a bad item to add to my Star Wars fashion accessories.

©Proctor & Gamble

Star Wars Event at the Disney Store

I recently went to a Star Wars event for Disney Rewards Visa Cardholders at my local Disney Store.

During this event, I was able to get my picture next to this New Order Stormtrooper from the next Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. 
For more about this recent Star Wars adventure, read my article that I wrote for The Cantina Cast blog!

The Everyday Fangirl and #ForceFriday

Today is #ForceFriday!

Unlike many of my online friends and fellow fangirls like Teresa Delgado and Tricia Barr, I was not able to attend any of the midnight launch events. Based on their Facebook and Twitter posts along with others I was not sure if any Rey or BB-8 merchandise would be left. However, this did not deter me from stopping by a local Target on my way to the office this morning.

As I hoped, despite some holes (see example above), there was still an abundance and a variety of Star Wars merchandise including T-Shirts, bikes, board games, Lego toys, costumes, video games, lightsabers and collectible figures in multiple sections of the store. Because I was on my way to the office, I was only able to spend about 20 minutes looking around.

As a Star Wars fan and Fangirl, I was happy to see all this new Star Wars merchandise on the pegs and shelves of a local store! My quest this morning was to find Rey and BB-8 related merchandise.

This display of Funco Pop figures really caught my attention right away because all of these are Star Wars The Force Awakens characters including:

Rey <Yep bought that one!>, Finn, Captain Phasma <Yep bought that one too!>, Chewbacca, C3-PO and Kylo Ren.

As I looked around I saw these Finn and Chewbacca figures and as I hoped there was another figure hiding behind Finn, it was a Poe Dameron figure that I just had to buy!

Adult female costumes including a Darth Vader one! I was tempted, but did not buy that costume yet. I need to consult with Darth Makenna first to determine which accessories will work for that outfit.

Large Kylo Ren and a First Order Stormtrooper are promently featured at the beginning of the Star Wars section. Too bad it was not a BB-8 though.

Overall, I did not have any exclusives, but I was able to find a few items to add to my collection including the Rey Black Series figure with BB-8, a BB talking plush, a Black Titanium series Rey and her speeder mini figure and an R2-D2 Thermos!

I admit I did a mini Fangirlflail when I found the Rey Black series figure AND the BB-8 plush!

So did you buy any of the new Star Wars merchandise? Did you go to a #ForceFriday event? Did you find something that made you excited and do a Fangirlflail like I did? <Yes, Fanboys who support Fangirls do qualify to Fangirlflail!>

#AtoZChallenge: Vintage Star Wars Merchandise


During Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, my husband, Michael, spent hours in the Dealer Room looking for vintage Star Wars merchandise.   When most Star Wars fans are looking for vintage Star Wars merchandise, they are usually referring to the original carded vintage Kenner Star Wars figures.  However, there were other types of merchandise and collectibles created in the late 70’s and early 80’s that are not just these figures.  The vintage Star Wars merchandise Michael was seeking at Star Wars Celebration Anahein are among the other types of collectables.  Below are some of these that my husband was successful in finding during his quest:

1980 Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Yoda Bradley Quartz Digital Watch


1977 Star Wars R2-D2 Necklace and earrings


Star Wars Ewoks 2 Pack of Magnets with Wicket and Princess Kneesaa from the Star Wars Ewoks animated series


1980 Star Wars The Empire Strike Back Topps card with Darth Vader

Finally, my husband found and this Vintage pack of 4 diecast micro figures in a package for $25.  However, we were not sure if these were authentic or bootleg figures based on the packaging.

Our first clue, is the outfit Luke is wearing.  Based on that outfit, we could tell that these figures were from The Empire Strikes Back.  After some investigation, we determined that these were part of The Empire Strikes Back Kenner Micro Collection as mentioned in this article from (see below).


So do you collect any vintage merchandise?

If so, what is the last piece of vintage merchandise did you acquire?




#AtoZChallenge: Dealer Room

Conventions for many attendees, like my husband, it is all about The Dealer Room instead panels. Inside the dealer room, attendees can usually find a wide variety of vendors selling all kinds of fan related merchandise.  At a bigger convention, like Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, my husband describes the dealer room as a ‘Black Hole’ because he gets sucked in and has a hard time extracting himself out. 

Sometimes he is looking at swords and knives.


Sometimes he is looking at figures or toys.

Sometimes he is checking out all the cool and funny T-shirts.

Sometimes he is looking for the perfect cute gift for either myself or someone in my family.

Usually for him it a ‘quest’ to find that one an item that is cool, rare or unusual to add to our collection.

So are you like my husband and spend your time at the convention in the dealer room instead of doing anything else?

If you do, what are you looking for?



Rancho Obi Wan Experience

Rancho Obi Wan Exhibit at Star Wars Celebration 


One of the exhibits I am looking forward to at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is the Rancho Obi Wan Experience. This exhibit offers a glimpse into the World Record Breaking Star Wars collection. This will be the third time this exhibit will be at a Star Wars Celebration and the big news with this year’s exhibit is the launch of the first ever Rancho Obi-Wan book, which is now available for preorder to members. If you are planning on going to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, then I encourage you to check out this exhibit.

I was fortunate to visit this exhibit when I attended Star Wars Celebration VI.  Below are some pics from this visit that might give you a hint at what will be included in this year’s exhibit:

Star Wars props, like this R2D2 with a portion of Luke’s X-Wing prop


Several pieces of artwork and painting, like this one of Greedo being shot


Fan created pieces inspired by the Star Wars films, like this container that contains a Toxic Waste creature


Various toys and figures, including rare prototypes, from around the world, like the ones pictured below.


Costumes and other pieces of clothing worn on Star Wars film sets, like this outfit worn by the crew during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back.



#StarWars related gifts received in 2013

I wanted to share with you today some of the #StarWars related items that I received as gifts in 2013.

Audiobook version of Star Wars: Kenobi by John Jackson Miller as a just because gift from my husband

Star Wars t-shirt from Her Universe from my husband for my Birthday.

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber Umbrella from my brother for Christmas

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Lighted Film Cell Wall art from my husband for our Anniversary

20140112-131052.jpg Star Wars Original Trilogy Lighted Film Cell Wall art from my husband for Christmas

Story of A Fangirl: My Mom

Story of A Fangirl: My Mom

Today, I wanted to tell you about my Mom, a fangirl who recently lost her battle with ovarian cancer. My Mom was a fangirl and an inspiration to me. She was one of the reasons that I was able to declare myself an everyday fangirl! She was a fangirl of many fandoms, some that were different from mine.  However, she made sure that she showed her love of the Fandoms every day!

Today, I am going to share with you some of the fandoms that My Mom loved that were different from me and how I tried to help share these fandoms with her.


My mother loved to quilt and she was so good that she won awards for her work. She even joined a local quilt guild to share her experiences with others. The quilt above is one she made to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. I helped support this fandom of hers by buying quilting materials, books and magazines whenever I could.

Detroit Tigers


My Mom loved going to see the Detroit Tigers. She would watch them on TV and go to a few games every year. She was very proud of our home team even when they were not even close to a pennant race! I helped support this fandom of hers by going with her to a few games and by talking with her about the games and the players whenever I could.

Wizard of Oz

Her favorite film. We watched it every Thanksgiving as a family when it aired on TV. She also collected lots of memorabilia related to this movie. I was able to help her continue adding to this collection after I reached adulthood.

The Many Iterations of Sailor Moon in North America

The Many Iterations of Sailor Moon In North America


Today, I found out that the newest Sailor Moon anime will start streaming worldwide, sometime during the 2013/2014 Winter Broadcast season! I am hoping that this will include an official North American version with either an English Dub or at the very least a professional English Subtitle track!

I am a huge fan of Sailor Moon in ALL iterations that I have encountered. Today, I am going to share with you all the different officially released North American Sailor Moon iterations that I have encountered, collected, re-watched or listened to over the years…

Sailor Moon Books


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Manga, Unflipped version, currently published by Kodansha Comics


Sailor Moon Comic/Manga, Flipped version, originally published by TokyoPop


Sailor Moon the Novel paperback, originally published by TokyoPop

Sailor Moon Videos


Sailor Moon Animated TV Series, edited dubbed version, originally produced by D.I.C and released on video by ADV


Sailor Moon Anime Series: Seasons 1 & 2, unedited subtitled only version, originally produced and released on video by ADV


Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S Animated TV series, slightly edited Dual Language version, originally produced and released on video by Pioneer/Geneon


Sailor Moon Animated Movies R, S & Super S, slightly edited Dual Language version, originally produced and published on video by Pioneer/Geneon

Sailor Moon Soundtracks


Sailor Moon: Songs From The Hit TV Series Soundtrack, originally produced and released by Rhino


Sailor Moon and The Scouts: Lunarock Soundtrack, originally produced and released by Kid Rhino


Sailor Moon: Full Moon Collection Soundtrack, originally produced and published by Koch Records

Sailor Moon Collectibles & Toys


Sailor Moon Chroma Cel, originally produced and released by AniMag


Sailor Moon Adventure Dolls, originally produced and released by Irwin Toys

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