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Star Wars The Force Awakens Week

Well today is the world premiere of Star Wars The Force Awakens in Los Angeles. This launches Star Wars The Force Awakens week! #FangirlFlail!

Therefore, no surprise, most of the posts this week will be about this topic.  

I will also be posting about this topic on

Like many, I vow to do what I can to not blog about spoilers, at least until after the holidays. However, if I do, then I will post a warning.

Even though I will not be at red carpet event, I will watching this via a live stream hosted by Andi Gutierrez, Anthony Carboni, and my online friend, David Collins.

This is an exciting time and I cannot wait to share my thoughts and feelings with all of The Adventures of the Everyday Fangirl readers.

Have a great Star Wars The Force Awakens
week and May The Force Be With You, Always!

Star Wars Limited Edition Makeup

Star Wars Limited Edition Makeup

Like many Fangirls, I was excited when I started seeing advertisements and commercials for the limited edition Cover Girl© Star Wars The Force Awakens makeup line.

I have been seeing advertising signs around while I am shopping, like this one. However, I would not have much luck finding any displays with these product for immeditate purchase.


Fortunately, I finally found a display of the Star Wars The Force Awakens Cover Girl© Makeup Collection at my local grocery store today with actual limited edition products to purchase. 

I was excited and did a little Fangirl flail when I saw special two pack with pink lipgloss, black Mascara and even a $5 voucher for concessions when I go see The Force Awakens, for only $10 plus tax.


I choose to buy the package with the ‘Jedi Look’.


The good thing this everyday Fangirl can say about this limited two pack is the low cost and it contains a $5 voucher for movie concessions.


However, I was a little disappointed with what I found after opening the package.


Disappointment 1: The lipgloss was not Star Wars branded at all, not even a sticker.


Disappointment 2: Even though the two pack packaging said the light side, the mascara was actually branded for the Dark Side.

Overall, this everyday fangirl may not be 100% satisified with this purchase, but for the price it was not a bad item to add to my Star Wars fashion accessories.

©Proctor & Gamble

Blogger for The Cantina Cast

For those of you who may not already know, I have been a regular monthly contributor to The Cantina Cast blog.

Of course, all of these blog articles are Star Wars related.

You can find all of the articles that I wrote for The Cantina Cast by following the link below.

Enjoy and May The Force Be With You!

Everyday Fangirl at Fantasticon S3-EP6


FANTASTICON is a regional, mid-size, show created for comic book and pop culture collectors and fans. My sister, my husband and I were able to attend and experience part of this event on Sunday, November 8. Although Saturday’s are usually the best day to attend these types of events, Fantasticon still had plenty to see and do, even on Sunday.


There were a few celebrities in attendance to meet and greet during this event.

Theous Crane from The Walking Dead and he IS that tall in person!

Pop Culture Vehicles
There were not one, but two pop culture vehicles to look at including:
My sister with Herbie the Love Bug

The Back To The Future Delorean time machine


There was a live podcast being recorded right on the floor

Panel on how to become a podcaster

Merchandise and Collectibles

There were a large number of tables with a variety of merchandise for sale including:
Comics from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Batman and even Scooby Doo

Vintage comics

Figures from Sailor Moon and other properties from Japan

Ornaments with Marvel character logos and motifs and Doctor Who and Sherlock Color Changing Lights

Scrubs for health care workers with Star Wars, My Little Pony, Doctor Who and Marvel characters

Aprons and other items made with material that features Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Marvel 

Vintage toys, giveaways and other collectibles from the Golden Age of Radio and Television.

Artist Alley
There were quite a few artists in Artist Alley, who were happy to talk to about their artwork and of course all the geeky stuff we love!







There were some awesome cosplayers seen walking around during the event including these awesome characters:

Ratchet and Clank

Starlord with GROOT


Event concluded with the Adult Cosplay contest

Winners of the Adult Cosplay contest via the FANTASTICON Facebook page

Overall, we enjoyed attending this event and we hope to attend this event next year.

Everyday Fangirl and Halloween 

The Everyday Fangirl wishes everyone a very Happy Halloween!


Tableau Jedi

I am at the Tableau 2015 data conference this week! 

Level = Jedi!


There are many sessions that will help this Everyday Fangirl and data analyst to be on the path to becoming a Tableau Jedi! 

May The Force Be With You!

My recent adventure at Great Lakes Comic Expo

Yesterday, my younger sister Sheila and I attended a small local comic event, Great Lakes Comic Expo. This event, which focuses on comics and pop culture that takes place a couple times a year usually at local churches and halls and yesterday’s event cost us a whopping $6 to attend!


There were a fair number of tables with comic and merchandise vendors and comic artists. There was also a good mixture of franchises including Star Wars, Star Trek, The Walking Dead and of course The Marvel and DC Universes.


Afew of the vendors were selling vintage toys including these Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson figures from the 1970’s. (Personal note: I had a big crush on both of these actors back then and would have loved to own these figures.)


However, despite the number of vendors and the diversity of merchandise, we were disappointed in the price and the selection of items available for our family and ourselves.

Some of the vendors were selling the most recently released Star Wars merchandise at inflated prices.

For example: The recently released Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka and Darth Vader 2 pack, that my husband and I wanted, was being offered on the event floor by a vendor for $35. This is $20 more than it is selling at the local Meijer just down the street from the event. Guess where I bought this two pack at, huh?


There were also hourly door prizes given away with a grand prize of a Fantastic Four #48 issue for those that purchased the Early Bird entry fee.


There were a few cosplayers in attendance as well including these two adorable fangirls dressed as Batman and Robin in tutu’s!


My sister and I only spent a few hours at this event and we only walked away with a few items. However, we had fun looking around and being part of the overall event experience!

Look what I saw today

Look what I found clinging to my house today…  
It’s Daddy Long Legs! 

Star Wars Event at the Disney Store

I recently went to a Star Wars event for Disney Rewards Visa Cardholders at my local Disney Store.

During this event, I was able to get my picture next to this New Order Stormtrooper from the next Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. 
For more about this recent Star Wars adventure, read my article that I wrote for The Cantina Cast blog!

The Everyday Fangirl and #ForceFriday

Today is #ForceFriday!

Unlike many of my online friends and fellow fangirls like Teresa Delgado and Tricia Barr, I was not able to attend any of the midnight launch events. Based on their Facebook and Twitter posts along with others I was not sure if any Rey or BB-8 merchandise would be left. However, this did not deter me from stopping by a local Target on my way to the office this morning.

As I hoped, despite some holes (see example above), there was still an abundance and a variety of Star Wars merchandise including T-Shirts, bikes, board games, Lego toys, costumes, video games, lightsabers and collectible figures in multiple sections of the store. Because I was on my way to the office, I was only able to spend about 20 minutes looking around.

As a Star Wars fan and Fangirl, I was happy to see all this new Star Wars merchandise on the pegs and shelves of a local store! My quest this morning was to find Rey and BB-8 related merchandise.

This display of Funco Pop figures really caught my attention right away because all of these are Star Wars The Force Awakens characters including:

Rey <Yep bought that one!>, Finn, Captain Phasma <Yep bought that one too!>, Chewbacca, C3-PO and Kylo Ren.

As I looked around I saw these Finn and Chewbacca figures and as I hoped there was another figure hiding behind Finn, it was a Poe Dameron figure that I just had to buy!

Adult female costumes including a Darth Vader one! I was tempted, but did not buy that costume yet. I need to consult with Darth Makenna first to determine which accessories will work for that outfit.

Large Kylo Ren and a First Order Stormtrooper are promently featured at the beginning of the Star Wars section. Too bad it was not a BB-8 though.

Overall, I did not have any exclusives, but I was able to find a few items to add to my collection including the Rey Black Series figure with BB-8, a BB talking plush, a Black Titanium series Rey and her speeder mini figure and an R2-D2 Thermos!

I admit I did a mini Fangirlflail when I found the Rey Black series figure AND the BB-8 plush!

So did you buy any of the new Star Wars merchandise? Did you go to a #ForceFriday event? Did you find something that made you excited and do a Fangirlflail like I did? <Yes, Fanboys who support Fangirls do qualify to Fangirlflail!>

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