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At Star Wars Celebration We Are Family

At Star Wars Celebration We Are Family

Part of my Star Wars Family waiting in line for 501st goodie bags picture by Kevin M. Reitzel

Part of my Star Wars Family waiting in line for 501st goodie bags picture by Kevin M. Reitzel

Many of those that attended Star Wars Celebration Orlando were all about getting autographs from Star Wars celebrities, like Mark Hamill or Hayden Christensen, watching the latest Star Wars trailers with thousands of fellow fans or buying exclusive Star Wars merchandise for their collections. However, for me, the goal for this Star Wars Celebration was to meet and hang out with my friends in the Star Wars Fan Community, who I met via social media. I am happy report that I not only met this goal was met, but well exceeded my expectations! I felt that each one treated me like a member of their family, one big happy Star Wars Family!

My Many Encounters

Just a few of the many friends I encountered throughout the event

Just a few of the many friends I encountered throughout the event

I knew that as an active member of the Star Wars community, I had a small following. However, I did not realize that so many would recognize me among the sea of people at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. I was very surprised at how people many shouted my name while I was walking around and wanted to meet me. I am very humbled by all this attention and I really appreciate every single one who stopped and talked with me! It was a real honor to encounter each and every one of you!

Fellow Star Wars Fangirls

Fangirls happy about cupcakes from left to right: Patty Hammond, Margot Mays and Melissa Villy

Fangirls happy about cupcakes from left to right: Patty Hammond, Margot Mays and Melissa Villy

At this Star Wars Celebration, I was able to meet many of the Fangirls in the Star Wars community that I have been wanting to meet in person. Many of these Fangirl encounters were unplanned and unexpected, but made my Star Wars Celebration Orlando experience so much better! Because of these unexpected, unplanned encounters we got got to hang out and Fangirl flail over all the things we just did or saw on the convention floor.
John Boyega on his way to the Star Wars Show Live Stage

John Boyega on his way to the Star Wars Show Live Stage

One of those Fangirl Flail moments was when John Boyega walked by four of us Fangirls while we were just standing around talking behind the Star Wars Show Live Stage. There was much love and many Fangirl flails from all these encounters, especially when many of attended the Fangirls Going Rogue Podcast Panel.  Thanks to all my fellow Fangirls! I really appreciate each and every one of you as Sisters in The Force! 

Families in The Force

Skywalking Through Neverland meet up at EPCOT picture by Brian Sims

Skywalking Through Neverland meet up at EPCOT picture by Brian Sims

Star Wars Celebration Orlando not only gave me many opportunities to meet, in person, many of those I met via social media, but I was able to spend time with them as well. I would not be the person I am today without all the people I have met and interacted with on social media. Each person I encountered really made me feel that I was indeed part of their family, a big, happy and supporting family! Thank you to everyone I met and interacted with at Star Wars Celebration Orlando and for confirming that we are all one big Star Wars family!
Patty Hammond, Pattybones2, is the Everyday Fangirl from Michigan. You can find her on Twitter @PattyBones2 or blogging at,, or talking about Star Wars and much more!

Everyday Fangirl and Halloween 

The Everyday Fangirl wishes everyone a very Happy Halloween!


The Everyday Fangirl and #ForceFriday

Today is #ForceFriday!

Unlike many of my online friends and fellow fangirls like Teresa Delgado and Tricia Barr, I was not able to attend any of the midnight launch events. Based on their Facebook and Twitter posts along with others I was not sure if any Rey or BB-8 merchandise would be left. However, this did not deter me from stopping by a local Target on my way to the office this morning.

As I hoped, despite some holes (see example above), there was still an abundance and a variety of Star Wars merchandise including T-Shirts, bikes, board games, Lego toys, costumes, video games, lightsabers and collectible figures in multiple sections of the store. Because I was on my way to the office, I was only able to spend about 20 minutes looking around.

As a Star Wars fan and Fangirl, I was happy to see all this new Star Wars merchandise on the pegs and shelves of a local store! My quest this morning was to find Rey and BB-8 related merchandise.

This display of Funco Pop figures really caught my attention right away because all of these are Star Wars The Force Awakens characters including:

Rey <Yep bought that one!>, Finn, Captain Phasma <Yep bought that one too!>, Chewbacca, C3-PO and Kylo Ren.

As I looked around I saw these Finn and Chewbacca figures and as I hoped there was another figure hiding behind Finn, it was a Poe Dameron figure that I just had to buy!

Adult female costumes including a Darth Vader one! I was tempted, but did not buy that costume yet. I need to consult with Darth Makenna first to determine which accessories will work for that outfit.

Large Kylo Ren and a First Order Stormtrooper are promently featured at the beginning of the Star Wars section. Too bad it was not a BB-8 though.

Overall, I did not have any exclusives, but I was able to find a few items to add to my collection including the Rey Black Series figure with BB-8, a BB talking plush, a Black Titanium series Rey and her speeder mini figure and an R2-D2 Thermos!

I admit I did a mini Fangirlflail when I found the Rey Black series figure AND the BB-8 plush!

So did you buy any of the new Star Wars merchandise? Did you go to a #ForceFriday event? Did you find something that made you excited and do a Fangirlflail like I did? <Yes, Fanboys who support Fangirls do qualify to Fangirlflail!>

Interview with a Fangirl: Darth Makenna

I am continuing with my series of interviews with Fangirls that I have met through social media!

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to someone I consider to be the “Ultimate Little Fangirl”, Darth Makenna!

Welcome Darth Makenna to The Adventures of The Everyday Fangirl and THANK YOU so much for agreeing to answer my questions!

How long have you considered yourself to be a Fangirl?

Almost 4 years, after meeting Ashley Eckstein at GeekGirlcon in Washington, who told me all about what it means to be a Fangirl!

When did you first see Star Wars and did you like it right away?

My brother introduced me to Star Wars when I was about 3 and yes I liked it right away.

What is your favorite Star Wars character?

I cannot choose just one. Can I give you my top 3 droids and top 5 or so characters?

You sure can! So who are your favorite Star Wars droids and characters?

My favorite droids are Chopper, R2-D2 and C3PO, I like him a lot.

My favorite Star Wars characters are Hera, Zeb, Ezra, Sabine, Kanan, Ahsoka Tano, Darth Vader and Captain Rex, who is going to be in Season 2 of Rebels…FangirlFlail! I know that one of the Fangirls out there is a big fan of Rex.  I just wanted to say that.

Finally, what would you like say about being a young Fangirl to any other young fangirls out there?

Every girl has a dream. A dream to do what they want and I fulfilled my dream. I created my character that I really wanted to make every since I first saw Star Wars. I wanted to be Darth Vader. I wanted to be my OWN Darth Vader. I wanted to be me, playing my favorite charater. With the help of my Mom, I was able to become Darth Makenna!

It was a pleasure interviewing you, Darth Makenna. You are definately an inspiration to Fangirls of any age, including myself.

Interview with Ultimate Star Wars Author and Fangirl: Tricia Barr

The Adventures of the Everyday Fangirl is happy to share with you this interview with Ultimate Star Wars author and fellow Fangirl, Tricia Barr.

1) How did you become involved with the project?

I had sent in some sample writing to DK Publishing previously and decided to follow up with Sadie Smith, the managing editor. Luckily, they needed authors for Ultimate Star Wars, and the rest is history!

2) How is the process of writing this reference book different from writing fiction?

I do quite a bit of technical writing for my job as a professional engineer. I am often complimented on my prose, and I believe that is because I approach all my writing with the mindset that I have to tell a story. In the case of a reference book, it is a factual story, but it’s still important to keep the information interesting for the reader.

3) How did this experience change you?

I found it a challenge to shift to the other side of the fence, going from someone who reviews and uses these types of books to someone who is writing it. Working on Ultimate Star Wars has helped me gain an appreciation for how a major, multi-author book like this is put together. In the end, though, I am still the Star Wars fangirl who started this project.

4) How did being a Fangirl help or hinder you during the process?

I do think it made a difference. In the sections I was writing, I was able to keep an eye on topics that are important to me, the reasons I started blogging, especially the female characters in Star Wars and their fans. For instance as the author of the Ahsoka Tano page, my job included pulling the reference images early on in the process. Having been part of the fanbase that wasn’t fond of the original tube top in her character design, I deliberately selected images mostly from the later seasons, and left a note for the designer explaining why I chose the ones I did. Ahsoka still has important moments in the early seasons, and you can’t avoid them. But I tried to highlight the costume design from the later seasons that fans preferred.

For the Princess Leia page I wrote, I wanted her strength and heroism to be featured. The main image is Leia with a blaster rifle in A New Hope. Slave Leia is there, but it’s a small image on the timeline – in the moment when she’s strangling Jabba the Hutt to death.

5) What sections did you work on?

I wrote all of The Clone Wars related material, which was a big section of my assignment. I also got to write Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, the Millennium Falcon, Red Five, and the Death Star, among some of the other major entries. In addition, I helped select the Key Moments spreads featured throughout the book.

6) Which aspects of this project were the easiest to work on?

None of it is easy, but characters like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia definitely came more naturally to me because I know them so well, and have seen their movies so many times.

7) Which aspects of this project were the hardest to work on?

The deadlines were tough. You always want more time to review your writing, smooth it out, but that never changes for a writer. You always want more time.

Thank You Tricia for agreeing to answer these questions.  Also, THANK YOU to DK Publishing for publishing a fantastic Star Wars reference book that this Everyday Fangirl is proud to own in her collection!

You can learn more about Tricia Barr by following her on Twitter, @fangirlcantina, or on her Blog, or visit Tricia’s website,

Rebel Force Radio Kickoff Bash


The first big event that my husband and I attended at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is the Rebel Force Radio Kickoff Bash.  We had an awesome time hanging out with all our Star Wars online friends, like fellow Fangirl JediTink, for the first time. Yes, we did the Fangirl flail! 


We also met a few Star Wars Celebrities, like Stephen Stanton!  


We received some swag during this event including badges, pins and art cards!


There was also a raffle and we won this fantastic Rebel insignia ring!


This was also a family event! There was some swag for the younglings in attendence!


Del Rey Publishing also had some books to give the attendees of this event including this one that we snagged for our collection! 


We cannot wait to find out what adventures are in store for us today on the first official day of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! 

Also, thanks to our friend, Matthew Clifton, for sharing with us some of the pics from the event! 

#AtoZChallenge: #Fangirlflail



I am looking forward to doing the #Fangirlflail with fellow Fangirls at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

What is #fangirlflail, you ask?

This hashtag started with this simple tweet from Fangirl Teresa Delgado about the introduction of the first characters from Star Wars Rebels. 

Since then, this hashtag describes how excited these Fangirls about various topics, especially the characters in Star Wars Rebels.  However, a movement started with this tweet by JediTink when meeting with the hosts of the Fangirls Going Rogue podcast at Star Wars Weekends:


This is when I knew I wanted to join these fangirls in doing the #fangirlflail and now I will have the chance in just over a week!

So, do you want to join us in doing the #fangirlflail?


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