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#AtoZBlogChallenge: Wicked Witch

#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: Wicked Witch


The second half of the third season of Once Upon A Time features a storyline with the Wicked Witch! Every time this character is featured I think about my Mother, who passed away last year. For as long as I can remember, she loved this ‘evil’ character!

It may have started out as a teasing joke between herself and her brothers, when they were younger. However, this character became a love of hers for many reasons.

It was a tradition every Thanksgiving to watch the Wizard of Oz on TV and she would always comment on what aspects of the character she liked. Also, my Mother raved about the book and musical, Wicked, which gave more depth to this character than what was originally portrayed in the 1939 movie,

Some of the characteristics my Mother liked about the Wicked Witch were:

  • She was not afraid of anything, well except water.
  • She had a strong personality.
  • She was a strong leader of men and had a whole army at her command.
  • She was not concerned for her appearance.
  • She was someone who demanded respect.


Therefore, it is a shame that she did not live to see this character come to life in the Once Upon A Time Series. I have not watched all the episodes that have aired so far because I am having a hard time watching these episodes without thinking of my Mother and her love of this character. However, I have saved these episodes on my DVR and plan to do a marathon of them around Mother’s Day in honor of her and the love she had for this character.

#AtoZBlogChallenge: Queens

#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: Queens

Below is a select list of Queens and the feature or series they appear in:

Queen Padme Amidala from Star Wars


Queen Serenity From Sailor Moon


Regina, The Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time


Queen Regent Liz X from Doctor Who


Elsa, The Snow Queen from Disney’s Frozen



#AtoZBlogChallenge: Libraries

#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: Libraries


Today starts National Library Week and I thought I would celebrate this by showing some of my favorite libraries.

Library in the Beast’s Castle from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast Animated Movie and Broadway Musical



The Beast’s Library at Disney’s Californian Adventure


The library in Hallow Bastion from the video game Kingdom Hearts


Hogwart’s School Library from the Harry Potter film series




The Jedi Archives from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones & Star Wars: The Clone Wars




The Library from Doctor Who



Storybrooke Library from Once Upon A Time






Three new fandoms found in 2013

Over the last few years I have been hearing about several different fandoms that I had not seen yet. In 2013, I was able to watch several of these ‘new’ fandoms and I have to admit I am hooked, especially the three series mentioned below:


I heard about this PBS/BBC series from several fangirls, who were cosplaying as Holmes and Watson from Sherlock, at a local con. They explained how the series was different from any of the versions that have been in existence so far, including the Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr. Based on their descriptions of the characters and a fan of the different versions of Sherlock Holmes, it was not a great feat to check these episodes out. In 2013, my husband and I started watching these through Netflix. Both the actors that play Holmes and Watson are very good and we could not wait to watch the next installment. Fortunately, we finished catching up with this series last night, just in time for the US premiere of season 3, scheduled for tonight on PBS.

Because I am a lifelong Disney fan, many of my friends and family were surprised that I had not started watching this series as soon as it premiered, but I had not. Thanks to DVD, I was able to watch both seasons 1 and 2 before the premiere of season 3 in Fall 2013. It is a great series that takes a new twist on all the fairy tale characters from Disney and others. I cannot wait to see what happens next on season 3, after the Winter break.

Even though the Doctor Who series has been around for over 50 years, this is one series that I was not exposed to until recently. I was introduced to this series at a panel that I attended at a local convention (different one from where I learned about Sherlock). The panel gave me a short introduction to the Doctor Who Universe and made me curious enough to seek the episodes out. However, since the series had so many episodes and Doctors, I had a hard time deciding where to start. Therefore, I needed some advise on where to start from someone who watches the series.

Fortunately, I asked fellow fangirl Ashley Eckstein via her Her Universe Twitter account about what would be the best place to start. She recommended starting with the 2005 Doctor Who series. This was a great recommendation and throughout 2013, I spent many evenings and sleepless nights watching Doctor Who. I was able to catch up on all the episodes from the 2005 series to the more recent series and was even able to watch the 50th Anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, live with millions of other Whovians.

Recent adventures: Once Upon A Time Season 1

Recent adventures: Once Upon A Time Season 1


I just started watching the ABC fantasy drama Once Upon A Time. As a fan of both Disney and fantasy, you would think I would have started watching this when it first aired, but I did not. I finally decided to give this show a chance because many of my friends and my family rave about the show. Therefore, thanks to Netflix I recently started watching season one.

Here are my thoughts on the first season of this show without giving any spoilers:


This is Fairy Tale Land. It’s filled with magic, monsters and all of the characters we all know from stories growing up. It’s real, and so are the people in it. But unlike the “happily ever after” you may have heard about, their stories continued, and The Evil Queen cast a Dark Curse over the land….

This is Storybrooke. It’s a quiet, little, New England town filled with people who go about their everyday lives with no idea who they really are. The Queen’s Curse has trapped them here and placed her in near-complete control. They have no real memories and no real hope.

Once Upon A Time is, at its core, a story about hope.

At first, I was not too happy with how the story switched from the “fantasy world” to “our world”. This switching made it harder to keep track of all the different characters and how they related to each other. However, as the series progressed, I became invested in the characters and how they relate to each other and the switches became less of a nuisance.


I have to say that based on the shows that I have seen so far, I love the characters and how they are portrayed. Almost all of the women in the show are strong, complex, great role models and from time-to-time even those that are ‘evil’ show a ‘good’ side, which adds another level of complexity. I think the writers have done a good job with the banter and interaction between the characters, especially between Emma Swan and Regina Mills (aka Evil Queen) pictured below:


Settings and Costumes


I love the fantasy settings and the costumes used throughout the series. The visuals are just amazing and are reminiscent of the settings use in The Lord of The Rings and Hobbit movies. The costumes for the characters, when they are portrayed in the fantasy world, appear to be extremely detailed and fit the imagery already established in the Disney animated features and other sources. I am slightly disappointed every time the setting switches back to the town of Storybrooke in “our world” and the characters are back into their “normal” everyday attire.

I will probably do a more through review once I finish watching more of this series. In the meantime, if you have not seen this series yet and want to find out more, then you should check out the official ABC Once Upon A Time website which features some really good 101 videos. You can also watch the first season on Netflix, like I am doing, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

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