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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Finally Returns Friday!

I am so excited that the award-winning “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” returns for its epic final season beginning Friday, Feb. 21! This is one of the main reasons I immediately subscribed to Disney+ when the multi-year packages were offered.

Rex and The Bad Batch

Rex with the Bad Batch team

I am very excited to see the further adventures of Ahsoka and Rex along with Anakin and Obi-Wan. Today the streaming service shared a new clip and unreleased images from the season premiere. Also, if you like this Star Wars Tweet, the account will send you reminders of when each episodes posted.


Are you as excited as I am to watch this final season of such an amazing series?

What did Ahsoka learn from Anakin?

In celebration of Ahsoka Tano Day, I am republishing one of my earlier articles I wrote for TheCantinaCast blog…

What did Ahsoka learn from Anakin?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Poster

I thought now, would be good time to reflect on what Ahsoka learned from Anakin while she was his padawan during The Clone Wars. Perhaps, this can help us understand her character better, as we see her in Star Wars Rebels.


Ahsoka giving the go-ahead to Rex to spring the trap on the Separatist fleet Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ahsoka learned strategies from Anakin on how to outwit their Separatist adversaries.

Teaching Others

Ahsoka obtained the skillset to teach others how to pass-on the necessary skills in battle and on the frontlines from Anakin and Obi-Wan.

Leave No One Behind

Ahsoka learned from Anakin that every life is important, especially those that are in danger.

How To Survive Despite The Odds

When Ahsoka was kidnapped by the Trandojians for sport, Ahsoka relied on what Anakin taught her, to not only survive in that hostile environment, but to encourage those around her as well.

When It Is OK To Disobey Orders

Ahsoka learned from Anakin that it was alright to disobey an order from the Jedi Council when circumstances warrant it.

So what else do you believe Ahsoka learned from Anakin?

#AtoZChallenge: #AhsokaLives Day


Fangirls Amy Radcliffe and Johnamarie Marcias are both excited that the character of Ahsoka Tano returned with her debut on Star Wars Rebels and they wanted to celebrate with something special. Therefore, they organized the Ahsoka Lives Day at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim on Friday April 17, 2015.  Fans of this character are encouraged to wear Ahsoka related gear, especially T-shirts, on this day.

Those that are at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim can gather at 3PM that day for the ultimate AHSOKA LIVES group photo!  Also, not to leave anyone out, those who are not attending Star Wars Celebration can participate by posting photos using the hashtag #AhsokaLives.


I plan on wearing this Ahsoka Lives T-shirt that I bought from Her Universe two years ago and saved for a special occasion.  I believe this event is it! Hopefully, schedule permitting, I will be able to participate in the group photo as well.




Star Wars This is Madness 2015 has announced the return of Star Wars This is Madness Tournament

The voting is set to begin on March 12th, but there are already comments on Twitter about the brackets, the characters and the match ups. Especially, around the lack of female characters.

Below are just some of the ones that I had to share:

Johnamarie Macias (@BlueJaigEyes)
I refuse to participate in the #ThisIsMadness Star Wars tournament. Three women characters in the lineup? And a few play-ins. No thanks.

Jamie D (@JamieD1138)
@BlueJaigEyes What are play-ins? Crazy to see Bib Fortuna but no Ahsoka.

Peter Di Cicco (@PeterDiCicco)
@BlueJaigEyes Wait… Bib Fortuna, Pre Visla and Gregor are in the bracket but Ahsoka, Sabine and Asajj are not??

Rebel Transmission (@Rebels_TK421)
How come Zeb is in the ‘Scoundels’ category of @starwars #ThisIsMadness? He’s a Rebel surely.
audrey horne (@nicolecieux)
@BlueJaigEyes @fangirlcantina @tveitlight25 @realamandaward it’s 3 women and 23 men. y i k e s.

Several of us spoke with Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots on Twittter) from on this topic.  She was concerned about the following Tweet.

Johnamarie Macias (@BlueJaigEyes)
@geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina The #ThisIsMadness Star Wars Character Tournament. A lot of women characters are ignored every year.

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina Not ignored. I have to say I’m a little insulted to see that you think we actively exclude them.

I personally appreciated that Andi took the time to send us these Twitter responses to our questions on this subject.  Below is what she had to say about the process for selecting the brackets, the characters and the match ups:

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@PattyBones2 @BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina It’s not my process to divulge. Many team members were involved in many discussions

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@PattyBones2 @BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina A lot more thought goes into it than can be boiled down to a tweet.

To help get some clarification, I asked if the Story Group had any involvement and if there were anyone there representing the female point of view.

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@PattyBones2 @BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina HA! No. We are not in the Story Group and they have bigger fish to fry.

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@PattyBones2 @BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina The entire .com team. Men & women.

As a female Star Wars fan I understand the disappointment of which characters appeared on the Tournament under which categories.  However, I am reassured that the group deciding included the female point of view. Maybe the ‘Play-Ins’ that will be revealed on March 12 will include some of the awesome female characters like Sabine, Asajj and Ahsoka.

Wookiees in Star Wars Rebels vs Star Wars The Clone Wars

I have heard many complaints on how the Wookiees are drawn in the new animated series Star Wars Rebels ‘mini movie’ “Spark of Rebellion”. Therefore, I decided to do a side by side comparison between the way the Wookiees were presented in Star Wars Rebels to the last time the Wookiees were animated in Star Wars The Clone Wars.

Images of Wookiees in Star Wars The Clone Wars



Images of Wookiees in Star Wars Rebels



I personally do not see where there is a significant difference in how each of these series draw Wookiees. In fact, I want a plushee of Kitwarr! However, with so much negativity on Twitter and Facebook about this, I thought I may be missing something just based on this comparison. Therefore, I asked fellow fangirl and someone who has a better pulse on the creative side of Star Wars, Tricia Barr, about this topic and here is what she had to say:

The Clone Wars had a bigger budget and better modeling capabilities so some of the animation isn’t going to be quite as stunning as the old show. The Clone Wars was working toward photorealistism in its animation and Star Wars Rebels is firmly positioned as a cartoon. With that said, the Star Wars Rebels animation is beautiful.

What was important to me was that the emotion of the moment in the scenes with the Wookiees still struck home. I’d much rather have a good impactful storytelling moment than worry about the minutia of hairy details.

So have you seen the mini movie Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion yet? If so, what did you think of the character designs of the characters, especially the Wookiees? If not, then you may want to watch the ABC prime time television debut of Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion Tonight (October 26) at 7:00PM EST on ABC with an extra scene added featuring Darth Vadar voiced by none other than James Earl Jones!

Origin of Star Wars Day, May The 4th

Today is May the 4th and for the Star Wars Community it is known as Star Wars Day!


May the 4th is based on the phrase ‘May the Force Be With You’ from the Star Wars Saga.

The picture below, posted on the 501st Facebook page, is a year out of date, but gives a great description of the origins of May the 4th as a Day to celebrate the Star Wars Saga:


I plan on celebrating this special Star Wars Day by posting Star Wars related content on my social media pages, dressing in my Star Wars gear from Her Universe, listening to the Star Wars soundtracks on my iPod and watching an episode or two of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix!

So no matter how you celebrate this ‘holiday’, have a great day and ‘May The Forth Be With You!’


#AtoZBlogChallenge: Obi-Wan Kenobi

#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: Obi-Wan Kenobi


One of my favorite characters in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is Obi-Wan Kenobi, voiced by the very talented James Arnold Taylor!


There are many great Obi-Wan moments from the series, but some my favorite occur during the episode, The Lawless, which I wrote in a post last year.


#AtoZBlogChallenge: J is for…

#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: J is for…

My favorite version is from the Batman Animated series voiced by Mark Hamill!


My three favorite Jedi:

Ahsoka Tano


Luke Skywalker


and Obi-Wan Kenobi



Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise


Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood and Doctor Who series



Picture of the Day: a Fangirls Dream

This fangirl has had enough of Winter and is dreaming of Disney Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World!

Me and Jedi Mickey


My husband and I with Asajj Ventress

I enjoy going to these events as often as I can. Here is hoping that this fangirl can attend this year!

Happy International/Galactic Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day, but reminded all of us that it is really Galactic Women’s Day with the following pic:


As you can see there are some awesome women in that Galaxy, Far, Far Away including Leia, Ventress and of course Ahsoka!

This fangirl is hoping that the next Star Wars films, TV, etc will feature many more of these women role models!

Again, Happy Galactic Women’s Day and remember the Force will be with you always!!!

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