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Star Wars Rebels – Siege of Lothal recap

I am so happy that I can finally talk about the amazing start for Star Wars Rebels season 2 that I saw at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim back in April! I am still thankful to Disney and Lucasfilm for offering me the opportunity to watch the premiere as a member of the media.

Below are some of the highlights from this amazing Star Wars Rebels episode:

Beware spoilers ahead…

The Siege of Lothal opens with a big dog fight by The Ghost crew and a Rebel Fleet to acquire some crates that the Imperials are transporting. It is very good to see the crew of The Ghost, especially Hera, work with this Rebel fleet. However, Kanan is not too sure about being part of a military organization again. Especially, based on what happened during The Clone Wars.

The conversations between Hera and Kanan about his concerns during this episode remind me of Han and Leia. [Many of us think that this proves that they are ‘space married’.]

Minister Tua is a tragic figure in this episode. With the arrival of Darth Vader, she realizes that in order to preserve her life, Tua must leave her post and get passage off Lothal. In order to do this, she asks the crew of The Ghost for help.

What I think is the most overlooked part of this story is what Tua uses to barter her way off of Lothal. She agrees to give the Rebels a list of sympathizes that are being watched by the Imperials. In addition, Tua offers the reason WHY Lothal is so important and not just for the mining of fuel. [My husband and I agree on the theory is that it has something to do with the Death Star, but nothing has been confirmed within the story line yet.] This is the reason that Kanan and Ahsoka agree with Ezra that it is important to help her.

Unfortunately, Darth Vader uses her desire to leave as a trap for the crew of The Ghost, which Sabine suspected. However, this trap did not play out the way my husband and I thought it would. Vader used Tua’s attempt to leave as a way to turn the entire planet of Lothal against this crew of Rebels by accusing them of killing her. Darth Vader shows that with this he is not only good at using brute force, but is also adapt at using strategy in dealing with these ‘traitors’ to the Empire.

The confrontation of Kanan, Ezra and Darth Vader is shown in the season 2 trailer. When my husband and I saw that trailer, we did not realize that this confrontation would happen so quickly. Therefore, this is a very happy surprise to all those who watched this episode.

We knew that when this happened that Kanan and Ezra, no matter how powerful either is, could not stand for long against Darth Vader. With the help of Sabine and Zeb, who threw bombs to topple over two walkers, they thought they defeated this new foe. However, as shown in one of the previews of this episode, Darth Vader is much more than either of them can handle.

Of course the climax of the episode is when Darth Vader pursues these Rebels, using a homing device, to the fleet. Darth Vader still proves that even though he is now a Dark Lord of the Sith, he has the flying skills of Anakin Skywalker. Hera is the only pilot that was able to stay out of Darth Vader’s range during this engagement.

The pivotal moment in this episode happened during this confrontation with Darth Vader.

Ahsoka and Kanan use their Jedi abilities to identify the pilot of the fighter that is destroying the squadron. In addition, Ezra was trying to let Ahsoka know that based on his feelings that it has to be the new foe that Kanan and him encountered on Lothal. Just as Ezra said this, Ahsoka finally made contact with the pilot of the fighter through the force. However, whatever she discovered during this contact overwhelmed her.

Unfortunately, Darth Vader is able to use this to identify just who is making contact through the force.

The remains of the Rebel fleet and the crew of The Ghost were able to make their escape. Kanan and Ezra decide to contiue the fight against The Sith and The Empire with the support of Hera, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper.

They are going to need each other in order to deal with another Inquistor that Vader is dispatching to continue the hunt for ‘Skywalker’s Apprentice’ and any other lost Jedi, like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

My husband and I believe that season 2 will continue to have consequences for everyone involved, on both sides of this conflict. Either way it will be a wild ride that we and many other Star Wars Rebels fans cannot wait to take.

So, have you seen this episode?

What do you think about these highlights?

#AtoZChallenge: Cosplay


When my husband and I go to Conventions or other fan related events, such as Star Wars Celebration, we love to see all of the different people in Cosplay.

The cutest ones, like this one Cosplaying as Leia at Star Wars Celebration VI, make our hearts melt. 


While others impress us with the amount of work that went into creating the costumes, like the young lady cosplaying as Padme in her Naboo Dress at Star Wars Celebration VI. 


There are also those that Cosplay for a purpose, like these members of the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion, who raise money for charity and support local Star Wars events.


Finally, there are are also those that are just cute, like these women as Leia, Chewy and Han or downright funny like this mashup character, Bender R-2, posing with my husband, from Star Wars Celebration VI. 


So what cosplay interests you and so you have any favories?


#AtoZChallenge: #AhsokaLives Day


Fangirls Amy Radcliffe and Johnamarie Marcias are both excited that the character of Ahsoka Tano returned with her debut on Star Wars Rebels and they wanted to celebrate with something special. Therefore, they organized the Ahsoka Lives Day at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim on Friday April 17, 2015.  Fans of this character are encouraged to wear Ahsoka related gear, especially T-shirts, on this day.

Those that are at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim can gather at 3PM that day for the ultimate AHSOKA LIVES group photo!  Also, not to leave anyone out, those who are not attending Star Wars Celebration can participate by posting photos using the hashtag #AhsokaLives.


I plan on wearing this Ahsoka Lives T-shirt that I bought from Her Universe two years ago and saved for a special occasion.  I believe this event is it! Hopefully, schedule permitting, I will be able to participate in the group photo as well.




Rancho Obi Wan Experience

Rancho Obi Wan Exhibit at Star Wars Celebration 


One of the exhibits I am looking forward to at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is the Rancho Obi Wan Experience. This exhibit offers a glimpse into the World Record Breaking Star Wars collection. This will be the third time this exhibit will be at a Star Wars Celebration and the big news with this year’s exhibit is the launch of the first ever Rancho Obi-Wan book, which is now available for preorder to members. If you are planning on going to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, then I encourage you to check out this exhibit.

I was fortunate to visit this exhibit when I attended Star Wars Celebration VI.  Below are some pics from this visit that might give you a hint at what will be included in this year’s exhibit:

Star Wars props, like this R2D2 with a portion of Luke’s X-Wing prop


Several pieces of artwork and painting, like this one of Greedo being shot


Fan created pieces inspired by the Star Wars films, like this container that contains a Toxic Waste creature


Various toys and figures, including rare prototypes, from around the world, like the ones pictured below.


Costumes and other pieces of clothing worn on Star Wars film sets, like this outfit worn by the crew during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back.



Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Global Premiere

Based on information just released from the Disney PR Group today, the Global Premiere of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 will be at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim on Saturday, April 18th. Star Wars Rebels fans can look forward to not only the premiere, but these other special events that day as well:

11:00 AM – Noon: “Star Wars Rebels” Panel*
Location: Celebration Stage / The Arena

Get a sneak peek at the second season of DisneyXD’s animated hit series Star Wars Rebels, which continues the epic adventures of the crew of the Ghost and further reveals the early days of the rebellion against the Empire. Dave Filoni (Executive Producer, Supervising Director), Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Kanan), Vanessa Marshall (Hera), Tiya Sircar (Sabine), Steve Blum (Zeb), Taylor Gray (Ezra) and other special guests will discuss the startling story developments revealed at the end of season one and offer some can’t-miss exclusive previews of what’s to come in season two!
*This event is open to all Celebration attendees. Seating is on a first-come, first-seated basis.

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM: “Star Wars Rebels” Red Carpet Arrivals and Press Line

A great way to see those that work on the show and other Star Wars Celebrities!

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM: “Star Wars Rebels” Season Two Global Premiere Screening* 
Location: Digital Stage, 3rd Floor / Ballroom 300

Witness the global premiere of Star Wars Rebels season two, which launches a whole new set of adventures for the Ghost crew and hints at the challenges to come under the shadow of their new adversary, Darth Vader. Attendees will be the first to see the two-part second season premiere following an encore screening of the thrilling season one finale.
*This screening is open to all Celebration attendees. Seating is on a first-come, first-seated basis.

If you have never attended a Star Wars Celebration before, then you need to be aware that there is indeed limited seating.  Also, based on the last Celebration with a premiere, the lines start several hours before the events. I would recommend that you pack your patience and get in line early if you are planning on attending the Star Wars Rebels premiere or any of these other related events.  However, if you have the time and patience to wait and you are a Star Wars Rebels fan, then it looks like Saturday, April 18th will be a great day to attend Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

Star Wars This is Madness 2015 has announced the return of Star Wars This is Madness Tournament

The voting is set to begin on March 12th, but there are already comments on Twitter about the brackets, the characters and the match ups. Especially, around the lack of female characters.

Below are just some of the ones that I had to share:

Johnamarie Macias (@BlueJaigEyes)
I refuse to participate in the #ThisIsMadness Star Wars tournament. Three women characters in the lineup? And a few play-ins. No thanks.

Jamie D (@JamieD1138)
@BlueJaigEyes What are play-ins? Crazy to see Bib Fortuna but no Ahsoka.

Peter Di Cicco (@PeterDiCicco)
@BlueJaigEyes Wait… Bib Fortuna, Pre Visla and Gregor are in the bracket but Ahsoka, Sabine and Asajj are not??

Rebel Transmission (@Rebels_TK421)
How come Zeb is in the ‘Scoundels’ category of @starwars #ThisIsMadness? He’s a Rebel surely.
audrey horne (@nicolecieux)
@BlueJaigEyes @fangirlcantina @tveitlight25 @realamandaward it’s 3 women and 23 men. y i k e s.

Several of us spoke with Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots on Twittter) from on this topic.  She was concerned about the following Tweet.

Johnamarie Macias (@BlueJaigEyes)
@geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina The #ThisIsMadness Star Wars Character Tournament. A lot of women characters are ignored every year.

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina Not ignored. I have to say I’m a little insulted to see that you think we actively exclude them.

I personally appreciated that Andi took the time to send us these Twitter responses to our questions on this subject.  Below is what she had to say about the process for selecting the brackets, the characters and the match ups:

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@PattyBones2 @BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina It’s not my process to divulge. Many team members were involved in many discussions

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@PattyBones2 @BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina A lot more thought goes into it than can be boiled down to a tweet.

To help get some clarification, I asked if the Story Group had any involvement and if there were anyone there representing the female point of view.

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@PattyBones2 @BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina HA! No. We are not in the Story Group and they have bigger fish to fry.

Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots)
@PattyBones2 @BlueJaigEyes @geekgirldiva @fangirlcantina The entire .com team. Men & women.

As a female Star Wars fan I understand the disappointment of which characters appeared on the Tournament under which categories.  However, I am reassured that the group deciding included the female point of view. Maybe the ‘Play-Ins’ that will be revealed on March 12 will include some of the awesome female characters like Sabine, Asajj and Ahsoka.

What this Everyday Fangirl is looking forward to in 2015

Well it is a new year and there are many things this Everyday Fangirl is looking forward to including…

Movies and Television Series

Marvel’s Agent Carter


My husband and I cannot believe that this series is only six episodes. However, we plan on watching each one the week it airs!

Star Wars Rebels


I love all the characters, especially Hera and Sabine. I am very curious to see how their adventures tie into the entire Star Wars Saga, especially during the last half of Season 1 and of course the beginning of Season 2.

Star Wars The Force Awakens


You are probably not surprised by this one. However, you probably did not know that I plan to take a day off from work to see this, right?

Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Arc and Sailor Moon R & S with the new English dub


I cannot wait to see this arc in all it’s glory. And of course the trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal gave us a glimpse of how glorious this arc looks! In reference to the new dub for Sailor Moon R and S is who will voice Chibiusa and the Outer Sailor Scouts, especially Sailor Pluto!


Doctor Who Series 9


I am excited to see more adventures with Clara and The Twelfth Doctor!

Books, Manga and Comics

Doctor Who Comics by Titan





I did not pick up any of the new Doctor Who comics published by Titan in 2014. Therefore, in 2015 I have every issue released so far and new issues to look forward to. I am especially excited for the just announced comic stories with additional adventures with Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness and The Ninth Doctor!

Star Wars: Dark Disciple

A book with Asajj Ventress and the unorthodox Jedi Quinlan Vos in it? This has the makings of one crazy adventure story!


Ultimate Star Wars by JW Rinzler

I just love Star War Reference books that covers many aspects of the saga. However, I usually do not look forward to them before they come out. This one is an exception because portions of the book are written by fellow Fangirl and friend Tricia Barr. I just had to place my pre-order on Barnes and Noble for this!


Peace Talks by Jim Butcher, Book 16 of the Dresden Files


I have no information on what the plot is or what the cover looks like, but every Harry Dresden audiobook is a MUST buy for my husband and I as soon as it is released!


Star Wars Celebration Anaheim


This is the ultimate Star Wars fan experience and I cannot wait to walk the Dealer Room, go to panels, meet fellow Fangirls and doing the Fangirl flail with them and of course watch the live performance of Smuggler’s Bounty

Motor City Comic Con


This is my neighborhood comic con and has always been a good time and I am looking forward to see which guests I will meet this year!

So what are you looking forward to in 2015? Did any of yours match mine or is there something on yours that I should add?

Character Names from ‘The Force Awakens’ Teaser Trailer

Were you wondering who the new characters from Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ teaser trailer are? Well we are one step closer to finding out because today the character names from the teaser trailer were revealed on trading cards via

So for those that want to know below are the trading cards and my thoughts on each in order of appearance in the trailer.


Is Finn a first name, last name or some sort of code name? Just who or what is he running from anyways?


Yeah, the rolling ball droid gets a cool sounding name! My only complaint is that when I hear BB, I think BB Gun. So I am hoping that BB stands for something really cool.


Now like, Finn, I wonder if it is a first name, a last name or a code name. However, no matter what it is the name “Rey” puts me in mind of sunshine and light.


Yeah, Stormtroopers! However, are these troopers from the 501st or not? That is the bigger question.


The first of ‘The Force Awakens’ characters in the teaser trailer to be revealed with a FULL name. However, this does not really sound like a Star Wars name based on all those name generators out there! Guess they will have to start adding more possible names to those generators now, huh?


I have to admit, I love the look of these X-Wings in formation over the water. Do you?


Another Star Wars name that does not quite fit the universe as we have known it before, especially for someone associated with the ‘Dark Side’. What no Darth Kylo, Darth Ren? or even Count Kylo Ren?


And last, but definitely not least…

We have confirmation that this IS The Millennium Falcon representing the ‘Light Side’, just in case anyone was in doubt, right?

Official Teaser Trailer for ‘The Force Awakens’

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was anxiously awaiting the release of the teaser trailer when they announced the official title of Star Wars Episode VII, ‘The Force Awakens’.

Happily the wait was not really as long as I thought it would be because on Monday, 11/24/2014, announced the official release of an 88 second teaser trailer to be shown in select theaters on the Friday after Thanksgiving, 11/27/2014.

Unfortunately, only one theater in the state is scheduled to show this trailer and it is not one that I would go to. Therefore, this left me a bit bummed that I would have to wait even longer to see it. My moaning increased when my younger brother told me that he has already seen that teaser trailer earlier in the week as part of a sneak peek promotion that took place in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Fortunately Disney must have heard my moan of disappointment because the official Star Wars Twitter Account announced that this teaser trailer will be available to view online the same day through iTunes Trailers.

Everyday Fangirl flailing right now in joy!

In the meantime, check out i09’s look back at the history of Star Wars teaser trailers!

UPDATE: The trailer has been officially released as of 10:15AM EST and a good link to it can be found here!

Look at the cool pics that I captured from the trailer!




So did you go to a theater in your area to see the trailer or did you watch it online like me?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I am so happy with the announcement of the official title of the next Star Wars film, The Force Awakens because it symbolizes the first step in the post production process.


Unlike many others in the fan community, I did not speculate on what the title should have been or what it should be. To me the title could mean many different things and I cannot wait to find out what it really means, when the film comes out in December 2015. Therefore, THIS fangirl is anxiously awaiting the official teaser trailer to find out more.

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