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Connecting Through Star Wars, Part I: Past Generations and Fandom by Johnamarie Macias

Awesome series of articles by Fangirl and blogger Johnamarie Macias, who I finally met in person at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, about Connecting Through Star Wars. There will be a new article in this series posted over the next couple of weeks. Check out her first article in this series below:

Connecting Through Star Wars, Part I: Past Generations and Fandom by Johnamarie Macias.

Star Wars Day: Free eBook by Natacha Guyot, Plus Interview

This is an awesome list of May The Fourth specials including a fantastic offer for a free eBook from my friend Natacha Guyot!

Archetypes: Hero

Originally posted on Ariel Hudnall:
Life is full of peril. Danger and darkness lurk the corners, and in our blackest moments, most of those journeys would fail if not for the Hero rising up to save the day. He–or she–is the final trump against evil: resilient, strong, and death-defying. We experience most stories from the eyes…

Her Universe’s “Year of the Fangirl” Needs Your Help!

Year of The Fangirl Needs Your Help!
See this post by The Wookiee Gunner for more details!

What Happens To Your Kid’s Brain When She Has Too Many Snow Days

I love when John Scalzi does stuff with his daughter! This is funny and sad at the same time!


It’s all true. It will happen to your kid too.

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The Resurrection of the Disney Princess

Cool blog article on the history and the Resurrection of the Disney Princesses in films, TV and merchandising.

5 Movie Heroes Who Are Actually Jerks

Top 5 Heros who are really pricks??
This includes some of my favorite fandoms, but I have to agree with #1 and #2 for sure!

Some Offense Intended

Last night my roommate and I finally sat down to watch Conan The Barbarian after about a month of talking about it. It had been years since I’ve seen it and  I was a little fuzzy on the details especially the virtues of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character. Beyond brute forcehe had none. Within the first half hour I’d realized that I had completely misinterpreted Conan as a kid. The guy is an asshole.

That got me thinking, what other pricks have managed to slash, gash and one liner themselves to hero worship? I’m not talking anti-heroes here. I’m talking about the guys you’re supposed to be able to get behind and route for without questioning their ethical reasoning. I’m talking about the protagonists that have been presented to us as the “good guy” in spite of their questionable morals and generally dickish attitudes. This list is what I came up with.


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Space Opera Recommendations from the Group

Some great #SFR recommendations!

Fantasy Round 22.1: Dresden Files

I love the Dresden Files and will be following these blog posts as they are posted!

Clement's Game

Note: This post was written jointly by both Michael and Rachel

The Dresden Files is Jim Butcher’s long-running urban fantasy series, combining detective fiction with a Fantasy Kitchen Sink, a bit of a noir style, and shout-outs to a lot of current scifi and fantasy fan culture.  Butcher started the series as part of a writing course, and wrote it in deliberate contrast to the sword-and-sorcery stories he had done before.  He’s described the series as a happy accident, “like penicillin”, and has been putting out a book a year on average since 2000 – along with a large number of short stories, novellets, and novellas set in the same universe.  The franchise has developed to include comics, a table-top role-playing game, and a short-lived TV adaptation.

One of Butcher’s particularly successful strategies with the series has been how the various episodes stitch together to form a larger narrative.  He…

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Seeing Through Cowboy Bebop’s Style

I really love Cowboy Bebop and I watched this series on Toonami, back in the day. It was not only a great Sci-Fi series, but a great adventure story as well. It had the right combination of great storytelling and excellent voice work.

Geek Force Network

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most well-known anime series out there, and it’s the first anime series I watched in full. Initially, I was drawn to it just because it was science fiction. But I quickly fell for all the other elements that make it unique and memorable — things like the well-developed characters, sense of style, and incredible music.


The show is about a group of bounty hunters who drift through space on a ship called the Bebop, usually without much food except ramen noodles, waiting for their next big target who can help them rake in some woolongs. It seems things never go quite right, and they certainly never get rich. But that’s okay, because the characters are still cool. Money isn’t everything; attitude is. Somehow, Cowboy Bebop manages to showcase characters who are kickass but flawed; they don’t lose their edge as you get to know…

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