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#AtoZChallenge Wedding Gowns In Fandoms


A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: Wedding Gowns In Fandoms

I have always been interested in the wedding gowns and how they are shown in various anime, manga, science fiction and fantasy fandoms. Some of them are traditional white wedding gowns with a veil, while others are not. Below are some example of the wedding gowns that can be seen in these different fandoms:

Fandom: Star Wars


Title wedding gown from: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Live Action Movie


Title wedding gown from: Star Wars The Courtship of Princess Leia, Expanded Universe Novel


Title Wedding Gown is from: Star Wars: Union, Expanded Universe Comic

Fandom: Sailor Moon


Title Wedding Gown is from: Sailor Moon, Anime TV Series


Title Wedding Gown is from: Sailor Moon Volume 18, Manga


Title Wedding Gown is from: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Live Action TV Series

Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X


Title Wedding Gown is from: Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X): Reflection Anime OVA

Fandom: Emma: A Victorian Romance


Title Wedding Gown is from: Emma Volume 10, Manga

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean


Title Wedding Gown is from: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Live Action Movie

Fandom: Lupin The Third or Hayao Miyazaki

Title Wedding Gown is from: The Castle of Cagliostro, Anime Movie

Fandom: Disney Animation or Fairy Tales


Title Wedding Gown is from: The Little Mermaid, Animated Movie


Title Wedding Gown is from: Cinderella, Animated Movie

Fandom: Mobile Suit Gundam


Title Wedding Gown is from: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, Anime TV Series


Title Wedding Gown is from: Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Anime TV Series

Fandom: Star Trek


Title Wedding Gown is from: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Live Action TV Series


Title Wedding Gown is from: Star Trek Nemesis Live Action Movie

Fandom: Scarecrow and Mrs King


Title Wedding Gown is from: Ship of Spies, Live Action TV Series, Season 2 Episode

#AtoZChallenge Underoos®


A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: Underoos®

Underoos® produced by the Fruit of the Loom company are character undergarments for kids, first marketed in the late 1970’s and are still being sold today. A package of Underoos® usually includes a matching top and bottom for either boys or girls featuring characters and their iconic outifits from popular fantasy/science fiction, superhero, game, animation and comic franchises. Below are some examples of Underoos® from the 1970’s and 1980’s:


Star Wars Underoos®


The Hulk Underoos®


Wonder Women & Spider-Man Underoos®

There are also a few examples of Underoos® being sold today:


Girls Licensed Character Underoos® 3-Packs from Old Navy


Boys Underoos® Boxer-Brief 3-Packs from Old Navy

For more information on Underoos® visit one of the following sites:

  • Wikipedia article on Underoos®
  • eHow history of Underoos®
  • Underoos®: Underwear That’s Fun To Wear!
  • #AtoZChallenge Robotech


    A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: Robotech

    What is Robotech?


    Robotech is an 85 episode syndicated animated TV series that premiered in 1985. It combines three different anime series from Japan, with similar themes, into a single multi-generation story. The premise of this multi-generational story, how humankind deals with an ongoing alien invasion of Earth.
    Robotech is often been called a “space opera” because it is not just action-packed entertainment, but also an engaging drama with many complex themes including death, love, and war. The story is told through the eyes of the characters that are caught up in the various alien invasions and how they handle the war along with their complex personal and professional relationships. The story is not only told by the humans caught up in each of the wars, but with the alien invaders as well.

    There are many complex themes and relationships throughout this series. Each generation, for better or for worse, contained at least one or more complex romantic story lines. The most famous of these complex romantic story lines is told during the first generation of the series, known as the Macross Saga., and is a romantic triangle. The characters that make up this romantic triangle are: Lynn Minmei, Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes.


    A recent i09 article, Why Robotech is the greatest love story of the 20th Century, gives a great summary of the complex romantic relationships between these characters, especially the specific themes of love that is portrayed:

    1) Love Knows No Bounds
    2) Love Is Messy
    3) Love Hurts
    4) Love Is Gross (Usually If You’re Doing It Right)
    5) Love Is Dumb
    6) Love Is All That Really Matters


    I re-watch the Robotech series at least once a year and it still has a great influence on me. I believe it endures in my life because of the complex themes, especially the themes around the romantic relationships. I believe it is the complex romantic relationships that keeps me coming back time and time again. So, have any of you watched or still watch Robotech? What is your opinion on the romantic themes in this series?

    #AtoZChallenge Princesses in Anime & Manga


    A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: Princesses in Anime & Manga

    There are all kinds of lists for the animated Disney princesses. However, I was curious if there were any list of princesses that appear in either anime or manga. Unfortunately, I did not find any list that covers this topic. Therefore, based on those anime or manga series that I am familiar with, I decided to create my own list. Below is a list of 10 princesses who appear in anime or manga, in alphabetical order…


    Princess Aeyka
    From: Tenchi Muyô! anime series.


    Princess AI
    From: Princess AI manga series.


    Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune
    From: The Slayers anime series distributed by Funimation.


    Princess Leia
    From: 1998 Manga version of the Star Wars Original Trilogy movies distributed by Dark Horse Comics


    Princess Mononoke
    From: Princess Mononoke anime movie by director Hayao Miyazaki


    Princess Sakura
    From: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle manga and anime series.


    Princess Sapphire
    From: Princess Knight Shōjo manga and anime by the godfather of Japanese anime and manga, Osamu Tezuka


    Princess Serenity
    From: Sailor Moon manga and anime series.


    Princess Valkyrie
    From: UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie anime and manga series.


    Princess Vivi
    From: One Piece manga and anime series.

    #AtoZChallenge Librarians, Beyond the Stereotypes


    A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: Librarians, Beyond the Stereotypes

    A common belief in the general public, especially in North America, is that librarians have the following characteristics or stereotypes:
    1) Quiet
    2) Mean or Stern
    3) Single/Unmarried
    4) Stuffy
    5) In Glasses

    Like the definition for “fangirl” that I mentioned in a previous post, a “librarian” can have many different characteristics than the stereotypes listed above. There are many of those who are educated in the library sciences, both male and female, that can label themselves as “librarians”, even if they never worked in a library for one reason or another. I am one of those who were educated in the library sciences, but have not been fortunate enough to work in a traditional library setting. This is part of the reason I created this blog, I wanted to go beyond the stereotypes, not only in my fandom, but in my chosen profession as well. Therefore, as a self-proclaimed fangirl, I am always on the lookout for fictional characters that go beyond these stereotypes including those that can save the world. Fortunately, there are several of these fictional “librarians” including:


    Name: Barbara Gordon aka “Batgirl
    From: Batman Franchise
    Characteristics: Has a PhD in Library Science, fights crime, has exceptional computer skills and may have glasses, but only uses it as part of her every day disguise.


    Name: Yomiko Readman aka “The Paper”
    From: Read or Die Franchise
    Characteristics: Can bend and manipulate paper into a variety of shapes including bulletproof shields and durable weapons. She is obsessed with books, but also fights evil and saves the world.


    Name: Rupert Giles aka “Watcher”
    From: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Franchise
    Characteristics: Not only a male school librarian, but has a side job training and fighting with Buffy Summers, The Slayer, against many evil creatures who want to destroy the world!


    Name: Flynn Carsen aka “The Librarian”
    From: The Librarian TV Movie Franchise
    Characteristics: Another male librarian, who is an awesome translator, a keeper and acquirer of ancient artifacts and can fight the bad guys like Indiana Jones!

    20130413-201250.jpg 20130413-202134.jpg

    Name: Jedi Master Jocasta Nu
    From: Star Wars Franchise
    Characteristics: She may be the closest to the stereotype when she appeared in Star Wars: Episode II, but when she appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV Series she is seen wielding a lightsaber!

    #AtoZChallenge Hairstyle Trademarks


    A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: Hairstyle Trademarks

    I wanted to highlight some of the hairstyle trademarks of female characters and the fandom they are associated with. These are presented in no particular order:


    Character Name: Leia Organa
    Fandom: Star Wars
    Hairstyle Trademark: Donut-shaped hair buns


    Character Name: Usagi Tsukino
    Fandom: Sailor Moon
    Hairstyle Trademark: “odangos” with long pony tails

    Character Name: Katara
    Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Hairstyle Trademark: “hair loopies”, as her brother Sokka calls them


    Character Name: Marge Simpson
    Fandom: Simpsons
    Hairstyle Trademark: Beehive


    Character Name: Lina Inverse
    Fandom: The Slayers
    Hairstyle Trademark: Wild Orange Red Hair with a Black Headband

    Cute anime characters

    I just thought I would share a few of my favorite cute characters from anime with you today.

    Hello Kitty from Hello Kitty
    – I love cats, so of course this kitty has to be included

    Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro
    – because he is cute, good with children and hangs out with cat buses

    Black Mokona from xxxHolic and White Mokona from Tsubasa
    – both are magical and cute, but each have their own unique personalities. The Black loves to eat and of course drink adult beverages. The White is kind and compassionate.

    Ein from Cowboy Beebop
    – smart and cute a great combination!

    Yuki in Rat form from Fruits Basket
    – of all the Zodiac members of the Sohma family, he is the cutest, in my opinion, when transformed!

    Note the following: all these characters are not owned by me, but by their respective trademark holders.

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