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51st Anniversary of #DoctorWho


Today is the 51st Anniversary of #DoctorWho! Me like millions of others celebrated last year by watching:

Doctor Who Marathons up to the Anniversary on channels like BBC America.

The ‘Night of the Doctor‘ mini episode starring the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann.

The amazing docudrama ‘An Adventure in Space and Time‘ about the origins of Doctor Who!


And of course the record breaking and ultimate fan experience of the 50th Anniversary special ‘The Day of the Doctor’!


So this year, you can still celebrate the 51st Anniversary by watching all of these again or the first time, now that all of these are available on many streaming outlets like Netflix or Hulu or on Blu-Ray or DVD that can be bought at the BBC America shop and other retailers.

You could also celebrate by downloading and playing my favorite free to play mobile game, Doctor Who Legacy!


I am a Happy Fangirl Today!

Three things made me a happy fangirl today:

1) Star Wars Episode VII started shooting today


2) I met John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who & Torchwood at Motor City Comic Con today!


3) Both the Original Sailor Moon, uncut and with a new dub AND the new Sailor Moon Crystal are coming back to North America from VizMedia, announced at Anime Central Today!


Therefore, based on these three it was a good day to be an everyday fangirl!

So, what are you happy about today?

Things I Have Learned from Doctor Who?

I recently saw this poster on Things I Have Learned From Doctor Who, which is available at amazon.com.


Many of these can only be learned by watching Doctor Who including two of my favorites from Series 3:

Sometimes a Fob Watch is not a Fob Watch.


Don’t Blink.


However, another of my favorites from this poster can be learned from Back To The Future as well as Doctor Who:

The smallest change in time can have major repercussions


Therefore, not everything ‘learned’ listed on this poster is exclusively related to Doctor Who!

#AtoZBlogChallenge: Games Played Recently

#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: Games Played Recently

Today, I wanted to highlight three app games that I enjoy playing, recently.

Doctor Who Legacy
By: Tiny Rebel Games
Description: Doctor Who Puzzle Game that uses gem matches with Action RPG team building elements. The teams are built from the companions and allies from the Doctor Who series including a team leader that is one of several incarnations of The Doctor!


Puzzles & Dragons
By: Gun Ho Games
Description: A puzzle game in a dungeon crawling environment that like Doctor Who Legacy, uses gem matching with RPG elements. However, the teams are built but by collecting monsters, like Pokemon.


Disney’s Frozen: Free Fall
By: Disney Games
Description: A puzzle gem matching adventure game that is set in the world of the movie Frozen. Each level gives a player a new challenge to meet with the help of the characters from the movie.




My recent adventures with Doctor Who

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am a new viewer of Doctor Who. During the past few months, I was able to spend quite a bit of time watching The Doctor’s adventures. This included some classic Doctor Who with the 3rd, 4th and 8th Doctors and of course the modern incarnations with the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors. I was even able to watch the 50th Anniversary ‘Day of The Doctor‘ special broadcast live on November 23, 2013.


I found the specials that aired the week of the 50th Anniversary on BBC America and the online mini episodes to be very enlightening for someone who has not been a part of the entire 50 years. These gave me a taste of the classic Doctor Who episodes, without having to watch them all!

The 4th, 8th, 9th and the 11th are all very good, but it was the 3rd and the 10th that I identified with the most.

The 3rd because he was limited to being ‘Earthbound’ and he loved, ‘Bessie‘, his automobile!


The 10th because David Tennant‘s performance and the writers made me care what happened to him and his companions.


I am currently re-watching the modern Doctor Who episodes with my husband. Therefore, I will have more to say in upcoming posts.

#AtoZChallenge TARDIS Merchandise


A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: TARDIS Merchandise

There is quite a bit of TARDIS merchandise that can be purchased by Doctor Who fans. Below are just some of the TARDIS related merchandise that are available to purchase at this time:









TARDIS Smart Safe


Miniature Gold or Silver Plated TARDIS




TARDIS Die-Cast Keychain


TARDIS Cookie Jar




#AtoZChallenge TARDIS


A-Z Blog Challenge Topic: TARDIS

What is the TARDIS?

The TARDIS is a prop used in the British TV show called Doctor Who. I have finally started watching the 2005 Doctor Who episodes and have started to learn just what the TARDIS is. Below is what I know so far:


Basically, the TARDIS is an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension in Space and it looks like a Blue Police Call Box. However, this is really a disguise for a device, which “can transport its occupants to any point in time and any place in the universe”. This time and space device is bigger than the disguise itself and is used by a character called “The Doctor” who is a Time Lord. The Doctor uses the TARDIS to explore the universe and each episode of Doctor Who documents these explorations. However, I have not watched enough episodes yet in order to expand on all the different capabilities of the TARDIS. Therefore, I am looking forward to watching more Doctor Who episodes and to find out more about the TARDIS capabilities.

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